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ideals No.2234

what are your ideals and how do you live up to them?


>what are your ideals and how do you live up to them?
Anon is the last real knight, but a really bad one.


I try be kind but stick up for myself I value freedom of speech even if against myself.
Not really sure my ideals are probably all shit sorry for the shit post


I just don’t want to be a cocksucking faggot like the rest of them.


Why not?


these are good things to live up to, you're great
what does it mean to be a really bad knight?


I wanna have more confidence :`)


what would you do with the confidence?


i don't want to hurt others. but existence requires me to do it so i kms


It means that I am not able to live up to my ideals sometimes... But when I think about it, that was just a few times when anon was in his teens. Still haunts me, though.


I'm trying to control my body.
I told God that I'd only eat the food that He provides to me. So He as to control the golems that I live with and decide what I can have. I try not to eat anything that He doesn't provide me - I don't want to be a mindless food-consumer. I don't want to eat at all, which is why I let God decide if He wants me to continue this struggle on Earth.
I try to avoid any/all sexuality. If I see a thread on an imageboard that has images of women in it, then I just close/hide that thread. Pulling on your sausage is something a dumb monkey does.
I don't show kindness to strangers, since they don't deserve it. I remain neutral/intimidating. golems are shit and they all need to die.
I'm trying to control my anger too.
I imagine what I'm going to be like in Heaven, and try to copy the internal-peace part of it.


>be able to rationally justify any actions I take

That's pretty much it. Can't wait to answer those trolley question problems!


I am very anti slavery so I avoid anything that gives others power and control over me. Usually this means avoiding others entirely.


I value the rights of the individual outside of the authority of the family. My abusive father wants to speak to me? I ghost him like the spook he is
my brother doesn't want to speak to me, that's his right even though I think it's a shame.


Any idea why your brother won't speak to you? Brothers are seriously S-tier relationships


probably has too many normie friends to care about a hikki like me, also he's wasting his life away at university.


I didn't talk to my brothers too much when I was in university because I don't have that much energy to talk to people, and I assume my brothers would not require "friendship maintenance" like new friends at college would. After we all graduated, we got back in touch.


it doesn't bother me much my brother is an idiot anyway.