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Creative outlets No.255

what do you NEETS like to do to express yourselves?

I've been trying to get used to fl studio to make some music, and I've been drawing for some time now, I'm not very good at either but I really enjoy it


i make really stupid low quality stuff that makes me laugh myself silly. if i enjoy it who cares if anyone else does


i try to draw anime girls when is their birthday, i'm not very good either but those characters deserve it so i do my best on that day. sometimes i play fighting games and make dumb meme combos in training mode.


does making shitty memes in photoshop and then spamming them all over imageboards count as a creative outlet?


thats so wholesome, I've never really tried to draw charcters in their birthday but it sounds fun so maybe I'll try it next time a favorite of mine comes around


memes are one of the best ways to express your wierd taste in entertainment and humor


depending on how im feeling i do the same. it helps switch modes from depressed timekilling to engaged funmaking, even if the creative work is silly


wow anon i love that, keep up the good work :)


very cute anon! makes me happy to see love in the purest form