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thinking about getting a job or studying what about you? No.3329

I do not know if I can work but I could maybe work towards working or being able to go to school. I am just so bored and do not enjoy anything anyway since I only wake up to sleep so why not.

there is no purpose so maybe an artificial purpose like working or studying will help? what do you think? I don't need to work at all since I get tardbux for being unable to do anything.
is this stupid? I cannot really even actually go outside to places and sometimes get scared when outside but maybe working good?? what think anons?

Would you want to work? maybe work could be good if it was only a few days a week? I don't need money I just need purpose end is near i guessuo


I sometimes think of selling my soul to the military bureaucracy and trying to be a warrior monk.


I've thought of this too, getting a desk job in the air force and getting out after 4 years. The financial benefits would be ridiculous.


That’s the exact opposite of what I mean, which is being a lifer. It only makes sense to do 4 or 20.