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Thoughts on /r9k/ No.1406

What are your thoughts on /r9k/ NEETs?

I think the board used to be good back when it was a place for lonely NEET loser virgins complaining about women and wishing they could get a gf but ever since late 2015-2016 it has been absolute shit because normalfags tranies teens and women took over.


Wagie wagie


4/r9k/ definitely died in 2016 or 2017
I dont remember the exact date it happened but the place got fucking flooded with women and teenage women for some reason. They had to explicitly ban fucking selfies for fucks sake, I wonder if thats still a sticky.
Every now and again Ill go look at it and it seemingly gets even worse every time I go, its a real shame.
8/r9k/ was actually pretty decent even though there were better boards like /hikki/ or /v9k/ but I dont think /r9k/ is back yet and /hikki/ is more dead than this site, somehow.
I dont think there are any actual neets left on /r9k/ nowadays that arent trannies or predators, everyone whos legit has long since moved on to the like 14 something bunkers, its really sad if you ask me


That was also the same time that the discord faggots first showed up and while discords links are banned from there the mods do a piss poor job at moderating the board.


>8/r9k/ was actually pretty decent even though there were better boards like /hikki/ or /v9k/ but I dont think /r9k/ is back yet and /hikki/ is more dead than this site, somehow.
I liked 8/r9k/ but honestly /v9k/ was better it seemed more like old 4/r9k/ where as 8/r9k/ was just /pol/ and MGTOW general also /hikki/ is dead because i don't care about it anymore and want to move on. I don't see a point in reviving it when 8kun is slow and buggy as hell and almost everyone who used /hikki/ has either moved on or has died.


I'm not a truNEET or a smugNEET. It was home before the election, but I can hardly bear to look at it now. None of the bunkers ever felt right.


We pretty much feel the same way.


never liked r9k


/r9k/ seems like the perfect place for cucks


/hikki/ makes me feel suicidal


Ehh, too much frogs and quote abuse.


>/hikki/ makes me feel suicidal

This is why i don't care about it anymore the board was depressing and dark it was a good place for hikis to vent but not a positive place.


Get in your cagie.


I hope they all die


Personally, I think they don't even come close to truly understanding what it actually means to be a NEET or fully developed into a hikikomori. It's also a cesspool of stagnant sewage. I lurked plenty and even posted from time to time. But find myself not being able to relate with them one single bit.

Those are two things that will ruin any online community. I tried out Discord around 2016/2017 myself and found out just how bad things really were. I can only imagine how things have taken a turn since then. Especially with all of the whores who eat up talking to "losers" with their ego trips knowing that guys who obsess and practically worship them just for a simple foot picture or some time on VC.

I wasn't a regular at the /hikki/ board there but I did start to frequent it from time to time. Never really took the time or effort to really dig into 8kun. I've also been on a couple of others such as over on uboa's /hikki/ board when they had it.

I'm content with this place for the time being if I'm being honest. Sometimes I wish it was a little more active then I come to my senses understanding that I'd rather have a board of quality instead of quantity.


i actually found a strange comfort in the suicide thread on /hikki/ but probably for the wrong reasons


Hey hikkifag guess who but dont say.
Hoping your life turned out better then my own I may neck tbh do not fuck your life up it is easy when you have mental issues and hate yourself.


If you are who i think you are then go ahead and neck yourself kid i will not miss you the world would be a better place without you you're a piece of shit garbage human being that is all i will say now leave me alone.


Well I am not who you think I am at all then because we used to get along but only talked on your board for a short period of time but I will leave you alone maybe someday you will make another board for hikikomori I guess you do not remember me and that is fine.
Much love and it is not nice to hate people at all I personally do not hate a single soul even if they slighted me although I do dislike myselff a lot <3


I'm sorry for lashing out i thought you were someone else any who i have no plans to create another board and have moved on. I don't want new friends anymore because i can no longer trust people because of events that happened in the past please understand thanks i rather just be left alone now.


Ok you are fine it is a shame that you have given up on people but I know you used to interact with some real immature idiots and even tried to help some of them a lot you are a nice person I know this from having known you for some time.
I have given up also for different reasons on people I hope you can find some enjoyment out of life I was fairly sure I heard life was getting better for yourself and honestly all this online bullshit is maddening the amount of toxicity online with some people really leads one to think they ought to truly keep away from nearly everyone and at most engage on a one on one basis.
I know that some attack you and they do not understand you in the way you try to understand others it is a shame we all have out problems yet in these communities some will attack others for having different ones.
You can look past what people seem to appear as and see them for who they are inside unbeknownst to themselves.
I hope a Misaki finds you and if this world is fair this would happen.
Even if you are no longer doing the board you should continue doing your blog.

The relationship we have is strange it is one you are not aware of yourself but one I have a one sided one I guess and I am not anyone you think I may be I assure you and no I am not some odd person stalking you I am just another eternal wanderer who comes upon you sometimes online over the years.

If it was possible to go back into the past knowing what we know now maybe we could have been different maybe I could have come to loved you and you could have learnt of me but that is not possible I hope this did not sound strange at all but I am so out of touch with the world and honestly even myself it likely is.

We always have the next life the afterlife and we may cross paths yet again.
Please do not let those people who have hurt you and I know the ways they have I truly do I am more than aware of what scum they are- those people do not let them continue to hurt you by keeping you from enjoying the magic of friendship that is not fair.

Let go of these superfluous attachments and
the burden becomes easier we cannot grasp happiness it is much like sand and only ever slips through our fingers but enjoy it while it lasts so think not of the past nor future but the present and try to be content <3


Me again *__*
If you need any help with money let me know if I pass I have no need for what I have accumulated so perhaps I could water your roots and help you.


I realize how awkward I made you feel it is very peculiar for a complete stranger that never directly knew oneself to offer aid however I am strange please ignore if you feel strange due to this offer I am very sorry you did ask to be left alone but I do not know my limits I have forgotten what it is like to communicate with others I apologize.


This is why I very rarely actually interact online and for the most part lurk I am sorry.


I'm not the anon you were talking to but don't feel bad. You're a very kind individual of which there are too few in this world. Even if he won't thank you for your offer I will. So thank you.


You are correct i used to hangout with a lot of toxic people when i was at my worst between 2017-2019 which is why i no longer interact in most English speaking NEET places on the internet. I still get harassed to this day but i pretty much just try to ignore it now because there really is nothing i can do about it and i want no part in those kinds of communities anymore. Also i took down my blog in 2019 so i haven't done it in a long time. Nowadays i hangout in smaller parts of the internet like BBS IRC small websites like this one and the Japanese side of the internet. i even have a Japanese person as a language teacher now too. Yes my life was getting better and i was planning on finding a job at some point and moving on from being a NEET but then CODVID happened so i was forced to stay still for awhile and am still stuck as a NEET and i am becoming more and more socially isolated. Also you're right that a lot of people don't understand me i try to be a good person and help others because that is how i was raised but in the end i just end up being bullied harassed and taken advantage of which is why i am done making new friends and just want to be left alone now.


Thank you but I'm ok


Its okay.


As long as you know you are appreciated by those of us who have been indirectly helped due to either your sharing of experiences in the past and creating a platform/space for some of us to interact and feel less alone.

From what I have observed you only really get bullied due to how you react to those that prod you as they find it entertaining I am not excusing them or blaming you but that is just how it is and greater society and online loser society is no different we still have bullies.

I am so glad to hear you are still interacting with people online and wow so exciting to hear you are learning even more Japanese so you can talk on boards with those types.

Such a shame that covid ruined your efforts to reintegrate I hope you can eventually move out on your own and by that I mean live on your own not in the kind of housing you were living in <3

There are many good decent people in our communities but they are the quietest and they also do not tend to stick around.

It is sad isn't it- how so many of us feel so alone and isolated and it gets to everyone even those like myself that do not really feel lonely we still wish to find someone to relate to effortlessly but so many take advantage of us if we are kind until we just stop trying and close ourselves up in a shell built from scars.

Would a job even make you happy? everywhere is filled with normies now I think us oldfags are really all just killing ourselves :( sometimes I have powerful self awareness and realize just how broken I am and how pathetic my existence is and I get sadder thinking how it is for all of us and how we had one chance and this is it.

I do not expect you to say but what are some good little places that are semi active for people like us to use?


I've never used 4/r9k/ when it was 'good' but there was still some semblance of brotherhood amongst it which made me find what was probably my first home on the internet. Thank god I left though because the board is an absolute state now.

In terms of 8/r9k/ I never liked it or 8chan for that matter. The whole site was so /pol/ oriented that every spinoff board had a heavy mix of /pol/ in it and it didn't make posting enjoyable. Almost any threads that showed promise of being quality were soon derailed into far-right shill threads or some other fringe political movement that I didn't care for.

I lasted about a month on wizchan. Again, wizardchan was supposed to be amazing but I never got to experience it and wizchan was horrific. At first the whole site seems relatable and there's lots of interesting discussion but the longer I stayed there the more I felt put off by it. Users there will shit on you if you deviate even somewhat from what they consider a true wizard and you start to notice how odd the moderation is. If you spend time there you'll eventually notice how anybody complaining about the site/moderation is quickly silenced, especially when it comes to the agenda of the moderators. It's probably a /cow/ honeypot and if not the wizards are beyond rationalisation - they take their hatred for women so far that being gay and/or asexual is seen as something to strive for and shill all sorts of way to achieve this/

Despite wizchan and 8/r9k/ claiming to have plenty of NEETs, they never seem to surface if you ask about it. I suspect most of them are LARPing.


Politics are pretty gay. I miss when no one gave a shit about anything. Bring back nihilism.


>I suspect most of them are LARPing.
never used r9k but I think most neets don't hang around social communities. I mostly find them on hobby oriented communities and being a neet is not a big topic desu. working people and students tend to larp or don't mention that they have a job to fit in.


Stay away from places like /r9k/ NEET/Hiki discord servers and r/NEET and r/Hikikomori they are full of SJWs LGBT faggots normalfag larpers and NEETs and mentally ill people who are shitty people who harass and bully others who are no different from them which causes a lot of drama.


I'm a NEET on Wizchan. I've even spoken to two others, one a Japanese visitor to the site.


Well, a good way to find "fake NEETs" is when they claim to be NEETs but they do nothing that'd suggest they're NEETs. I.e. they "like socializing online" or are interested in things like sports or any other form of group or "herd" activity - one of which is politics.

A NEET - and guess what, I'm talking from experience here - has enough problems with their own life. I'm not interested in "doing something with other people" or something. I just want to be left alone. I'd rather people avoided me, as much as I avoid them.


Agree about reddit and discord but why hate on mentally ill if anything being ,entally ill is true NEET because we cannot actually work anyway.
Agree in theory but what is the problem with people socializing online I do not aside from a few posts on wizchan but do not care if someone is posting online I care if they post on normalfaggot shit like social medias.

I was actually talking with a ex hikikomori on reddit from the ubreddit and then this person changed their avatar to their facebook selfie one and honestly it pissed me off it is clear that he did it because thinks I am a girl (I do not post my gender online) and now I just do not care to talk to him because normalfaggot.


fuck /r9k/ fuck wizchan fuck discord servers fuck ¨hiki¨ communities fuck reddit fuck frogpostosters and fuck crabs


Well said NEET.


Fuck normalfags


All these communities purity spiral until there's no longer any one posting on them. You don't have to be an ugly, mentally ill virgin to be a NEET. They spiraled until no one was left posting but the same 5 guys who were all miserable and refused to change anything about their lives. Wizchan is the best of these communities because it still has some interesting content in the games board and hobby boards. Every where else is just depressed men whining, wanting to keep others in the same bucket as them instead of changing their life and trying to be happy.