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Free speech doesn't work No.17830

I respect your commitment to a laissez-faire imageboard admin-san, but it's just not practical. Even if the soyjakkers weren't deliberately trying to kill the site there was way too much CP last time. For whatever reason the soyjakkers are back already. You gotta handle this differently this time.

You're going to need jannies and they're going to ban the raiders at their discretion and, yes, they're going to wrongfully ban someone occasionally. But you have to get over this unfortunate reality. Not even 8chan was unmoderated. Hell, 8chan was deliberately curated from the top down as much as reddit, they just banned you for being a jew rather than being a nazi. I'm sure there's some simple plugin you can find to implement this feature without too much headache.

You clearly didn't have the time or will to handle it on your own. Given this is a place for NEETs it should be easy to find a couple mods. Should we just contact you through the site's email to apply or what? I guess I'll send an application and see what happens, though I'd like to see you replying to this thread as well.


CP is free speech.


That's the problem


I mean, CP is bad too but the admin was at least somewhat taking care of that. I'm really more concerned about the soyjakker who makes posts with the purpose of demoralizing NEETs.

Again, even 8chan censored the fuck out of anyone attempting a deliberate demoralization campaign, and that was the self-professed "last bastion of free speech."

Wake up sheeple: true free speech never existed.




For small imageboards if you tell your janny to only ban people who raid the site you usually dont wrongfully ban people i think.. i think the admin is just lazy..


fgee screech is fgee cuz its fgeeee


If anyone wants to be a moderator, email [email protected] with your preferred contact method. I think starting out by deleting posts that are demoralizing for NEETs is a good start.