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Daily reminder that misaki won't come


I just want to die.


not b4 cherry poppin


Why the fuck would I want some roastie to force me out of NEETdom?


exactly, why a girl should bother taking incel from inceldom


Me too!
I hate 3D Pigs, but if a 2D Waifu showed up at my door she would probably never leave...
I would feed her the HikkiPill and spend the rest of our lives playing vidya!


mr babby yoda;
>I would feed her the HikkiPill
its the other way around. Women corrupt. she is there to pop ur cherry. Misaki comes from the stars, from the sky, and right into your pants. she can be young. she can be a slut. a thot. she can be 60 year old. but one it will happen babby yoda and she will pop yours.


one day*

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>Daily reminder that misaki won't come
thanks ;__;


i became my own misaki




did you really have to post that instead of bridget's 2D dick
not even anime themed threads are safe from 3D posters



Does anyone know what song used to play here?


no, but i found a name of a faggot.
its sugo.
rofl your life is anime


2D women are perfect since they were designed by man for the benefit of man.

3D Pigs were yeeted by natural selection if they did not produce enough offspring, and thus led to the proliferation of sluts and thots, when mass human animal training no longer becomes popular.

Only an organism that is a product of evolution by natural selection is capable of intelligent design to further cement it's chances of not going extinct.

Women need to be fixed or outright replaced if man is to survive.

>Transhumanism is the answer to the Foid Question.


incel problems you have, luke. yoda.jpg
i've encountered decent women who had very bad traits that made them not normal. And yes they had offspring, at least some of them did except a few batshit insane ones (but still decent in some ways).
2d women are not perfect because they are not real and are easy to be taken advantage of by wagies to drown poorfags and incels even further while climbing social ladder. anime is a perfect case. drawfags, musicians, are all normies taking advantage of what they don't care about in the slightest except very few, they all are con-artists.
even thots are useful just for sex. omega males especially if they are incels, or retarded, are not useful for anything except being a living meat.
there is no foid question because incel questions are irrelevant, if you are truly incel, and not latebloomer who gets lucky later. not letting bad man to reproduce is important for all of us and even nature to survive.


Be a man
We must be swift as a coursing river
Be a man
With all the force of a great typhoon
Be a man
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon


also guess what, men are far from perfect too.
incels usually behave like they are a treat to have around. it is not true. everyone prefers normal company of losers to seething, retarded losers. its fixable for you though, by having lots of money or interesting threats, but those incels are rare.
why would I should abandon my normie friends to care about incel on the internet or have to see his shit irl even? makes 0 sense. same for others. choice for that matter have been made by literally everybody. enjoy deluding yourself with 2d, while a normie who made it, has a normal life.


Having kids is immoral.
Existence is meaningless.
Only retarded normies reproduce because they cannot override their monkey brains.
Christianity is gay.
Buddhism is based.


Retarded bait thread, you are all retards here!


imagine to be pretending that you are some kind of philosophical monk that can't open his eyes to see outside world anymore, when in reality you are an incel struggling to get his dick wet and eventually you rope because of that or mommy issues


The outside world is fake and gay anyway.
Being a hikki is whitepilled, I haven't even seen my parents in years, nor do I want to, family is for cuckolds and retards who can't think independently, I laugh at how easily they can be manipulated through the meme of unconditional "love", even after the bridge is burned they try in vain to win my favor, by sending me money and gifts, which I can then sell on eBay or Craigslist.
>Rule of acquisition 6: Never let family stand in the way of opportunity!
>Rule of acquisition 111: treat people in your debt like family- exploit them!
Better to LARP as a philosophical monk than to be a brainlet who actually cares about the outside world and the opinions of other retards.