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famous quotes dissected No.18154

"Bitches ain't shit."

A deceptively simple phrase, that requires careful examination to grasp the true meaning of. Because "ain't" is slang for "are not" and "bitches" is slang for "women" a naive interpretation would have you believe that "bitches are not shit" i.e. women are good. That obviously doesn't pass the sniff test, hence I believe that shit in this context refers to literal shit. Wielding that assumption we can dig a little deeper and unearth the true meaning of this phrase buried in the subtext: that "women are not *even* shit" i.e. shit is so far above them in worth, they fail to even reach the standard of literal shit. Bitches, as it were, are worthless. Not only to men, not only to civilization, but when they're being honest, even to themselves.