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I NEETed for much of my 20s but eventually had to get a job so I got a decent paying desk job and slaved away for 3 years hating every minute of it. Eventually I purposely got myself fired so I would be eligible for unemployment and always imagined I would be living it up doing a bunch of cool stuff since I have $100k+ saved.

That was 5 months ago and I haven't done anything but sit in my room and go to the gym.


how did you manage to save up more than 100k?
As for me im bad at saving up


Why go to the gym, you can get fit at home
Do you talk to people there?


There’s nothing wrong with liking to use machines. A prison workout isn’t fun.


Gym going is based anon, steady on


Oh, you are right
I only went to a gym once so I forget how it is


Crypto and my job paid decent

I passed the point of what's possible with a reasonable home gym setup a long time ago and I don't have the space to match what a real gym can provide.