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I can't believe you brought back this site. I hate this.

Admin, just close it down for good. I assure you, no one is happy you revived this piece of shit. You can't inexplicably shut down a site for a year and then bring it back like nothing's changed. Things have changed. So many things. We can't afford to be stuck in the past, we have to move forward.

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I agree with it, so right back at you.

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The stone hit home eh?


I miss this site and the posters a lot, i dont think ill ever get to post on something like it again, it was very comforting. I still hope that someday I find a site like this was again.


Then let's make this current site into the site it once was.


We cant, its too late at this point, i miss it too but i dont really think its gonna come back, most of the posters are gone


Neet dot moe oldfag here as well. The lack of moderation and a "vision" for this place is what killed it. There are too many different types of anons here but I liked the anime funposting.
Don't like to identify myself on imageboards but I posted the Yui birthday thread and many others. Left around 2022. It was fun while it lasted, I wish this UI was more common on imageboards. See you guys elsewhere~


yeah,lets make a meaning forsome codemonkey to socialize with fellow incela and small imageboard underage cliquers into a next big thing. not happening. sadly i already vented too much and may as well continue at this point. balls.


i texted my closest friend today after half a year break initiated by me and he got hostile. I dumped another one with him too. rest are dead.

yeah, time changes things. now i only have 1internet friend and nobody irl. dont think its a good time to waste on a shit board with underage normies literally from aome fucking hidden clique of smallchan admins. its literally better to just
earn money and rot till i die


yeah well that's just like...your opinion man


> I assure you, no one is happy you revived this rare gem of a chan.
I am very happy about admin's decision to revive this place tbh.


>>17858 (me)
Not OP, I would be happy but the admin gave the r9k faggot types who like to pose as losers too much freedom, this used to be a comfy a board but not really because the admin didn't make rules and left the meta develop on its own to have more users.
It's literally the same as 4chan where it got shitty because moot only wanted more exposure until he couldn't handle it.
Have fun in this shithole I guess.
The internet has always been a juvenile place but It's better to curate your experience and look for greener pastures in it. Anonymously or not.


i just took some rancid shit.


lolcow farm and wizchan and kiwifarms are more ur speed, go cry some inane bullshit you didn't even truly experience there


>Have fun in this shithole I guess.
I am occasionally when resting from work. Go hate on it incel


you should ask permission from some incel bullshiter to take a shit first. then you post that ur about to take a shit and mention some 4chad garbo (you weren't there), and recognize admin's power here and hope for the best (more censorship).
now you can take a shit. oh wait, nobody cares.


truly worst of the worst. i don't fucking what you don't like and where you will go. go fuck yourself.




ur simply unfit for anonymous environment and what you want is a tidy, lame fucking chat for your buttbuddies in a form of a fucking forum where admins will ban everything that you don't like.
problem is, 99.99% of ppl are like u


fucking dumbfuck fucking big teen going through his incel phase.
multiplying enthropy for a little gain won't help you. you may think it did when you mature by natural causes.




Curious how the original /r9k/ incels project that I'm one. They truly hate themselves. It's fun making you angry but I have better things to do than getting in internet arguments with teens who think they are different for using imageboards, people like you can be found all over the internet and social media.
This is the same as those places now, so you and the other failed normalfags can stay here since it's more of your speed. None of you were here before the pandemic, I bet.
I earnestly hope you and the admin die.

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Don't cry and post more, enjoy life as is and don't give a shit about anything.
>Be happy neetbros.


I'm a neet doe moe oldfag, and I have mixed feelings about this site being back. Maybe one day it will be chill again.


same. i think anon that other anon is correct in that it needs moderation. otherwise anyone can spam it or easily make it a discord colony. cancerous spam threads made by literal bots (and not) should definitely be deleted, I'll keep my distance for now.


I'd like this place to be a comfy neet zone where I can stop by every day or so to talk about neet stuff. If not, I'd like to hear about where I can actually find interaction like that.