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fap music No.3703

post your favourite tunes to listen to while you fap away your sadness.
personally, I found that masturbating furiously to loli while listening to the NHK ni Youkoso! ost feels insanely good


neetcorder had sex


I don't listen to music while I fap. That's weird. I guess putting on music if you have ever sex is okay though.




I listened to deadmau5's forgotten collab with melleefresh ( when finding pics/vids to add to my collection.
When it comes to actual fapping, I normally fap with no audio playing, or have the videos audio playing on its own.


After playing eroge, I believe that playing a soft piano song that can be looped is the best music to listen to while doing sex related stuff. I also believe everyone should play at least one eroge free of shame while they're a neet, It's part of the neet experience.