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How's your sleep pattern? Are you getting comfy sleeps?


Not really I had social workers call me up when I last woke up (they woke me) and then I had to stay on a 2 hour phone call about some retardbux shit and nothig happened.

I wake up normally and I feel I never slept but I will wake up and sleep again until I can not longer sleep because my head hurts and then wait to sleep again.
I am getting really tired of this way of experiencing life.

I cannot enjoy anime or reading as I cannot concentrate at all.


Lately I'm not sleeping until 5 or 6 in the morning. I don't think I should already be sleeping by 4 am to wake up feeling good.


I have a habit of going to sleep anywhere between 4 am to 6 am but I'm trying to get back into the habit of going to sleep earlier. I feel better when I have a good schedule but I always seem to have more fun playing games and drawing at night so that makes it hard to push myself to go to bed.


I've never had a set sleeping pattern. It's constantly changing. The closest to anything I had that was actually a set time was around 4:00 to 8:00


Every time Depression fucks my head, My sleep pattern goes through loops like a rollercoaster. Right now, I fall asleep at around 17:00 - 18:00 and wake up at around midnight, feeling as If I should go to bed. But I obviously can't go back to sleep, after three or four hours, I become more awake and that's how I roll into the next day. This depressive through lasts about a week, I'll snap out of it after that and re-align my sleep pattern with my time zone. So I go to bed at around 22:00-0:00 and wake up at around 7:00 - 9:00.

Right in the middle of that rollercoaster ride, I'l go to bed some time around morning or noon, and just sleep all day, and wake up some time in the afternoon or evening.


It's not comfy
I fall asleep around 2am or later, I wake up at 11am because my dad nags me about it
I really don't want to sleep any earlier because late at night is the only time where I can have some privacy


You sleep for 9 hours straight? I cannot do that. I usually wake up after perhaps five hours, hang around the PC for a bit, and then go back to sleep for a bit.

Around 7h seems to be the optimum for me.

t. >>1994


Well, I don't even sleep that much, I often wake up earlier than 11am but I prefer to stay in bed for a while, I don't like being with my dad, though he does not hate me often I still would rather be alone as much as I can


I naturally go to sleep at ~5am the same way. It's probably one of the reasons school didn't work, because I often only had 2 or 3 hours sleep each day.


I worked well in school, because I flipped it upside down: I woke up at 3:00 am and wen tot bed between 6pm and 8pm. This killed all my social life, but I had loads of time at night, which was nice.
My parents hated it, they though I'm a narcoleptic and even went to the hospital with me.


i usually sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning and wake up around 7-10. i get enough sleep, but i should take a day off and stay in.


Nah, my sleep schedule is fucked beyond belief. I usually end up sleeping at 4-5AM or even 6AM.


My bed is my safe place


sleep at anywhere from between 1-3am. sometimes i'll get in at 1am but stay on the phone till 3.

i wake up anywhere between 8-10am. i'll wake up, eat breakfast and then go back to bed at around 11am for another 2 hours. wake up at 1.

then have another nap at around 5pm for another 2-3 hours. i sleep a lot come to think of it.


I usually stay up until 2 or 3 am, then sleep until the afternoon.


I sleep from about 7 AM to 3 each day. covid gave me bad insomnia and I'm completely nocturnal. my dad just retired too and I get worn out on him being around all the time so I mightr have to stay this way.


extremely erratic and changing everyday


Most days i go to sleep around 2 and get up at nine.


I go to sleep in the morning. Being awake during the day gives me anxiety and nights are very comfy so.


Currently, my sleep schedule is from 2am-10am.

I think it fits me pretty well for the time being, being able to lay down in the grass and take in the sunshine in my backyard before ending the day with quiet privacy before I go to sleep.













>add fur blanket to bed
>preheat bed and daki with hot water bottle
>move hot water bottle to feet for rest of night
>cuddle warm daki
This has been my strategy for this winter so far and it's been max comfy


I don't have one, but usually sleep 2 hours in the afternoon and another 2 at night


you can't sleep after crystal meth