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NEET Origin Stories No.10761

Is the any particular reason you became a NEET? Were you forced into it? Did some incident cause you to drop out of society only to never return?


I was always depressed and eventually had a nervous breakdown.


Depression. And i learned that most people are in fact selfish to an extent that makes me avoid them.


Never really felt like I was a "normal" person so after highschool I just stop doing anything I didn't like. Which started with minor things like not going to college or getting a job. Next was exiling myself from society. Then without thinking much about it I realized I became a hiki/neet.




I don't know, it just happened


I'm a really soft person and an empath. I get told to Man - Up and join the stupid crowd of selfishness. I just don't like it and prefer to avoid most people myself. I'm quite self sufficient so I can take care of myself but other than that it sucks a lot how the world works...

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I really like you, you know?


So i'm a major autismo. School was a major factor in helping me drop out. Being pressured to get great grades, the constant bullying and the fucking teaching assistants who still treat you like a stupid kid is completely infuriating. That and my mom would constantly flip her lid at me if ONE THING was out of place to her. No matter what i say, no matter how i explain, no matter what it is, she treats it as if it's my own fault.

There has been one TA i liked who was the only male one i had who did what none of my other teaching assistants did. He sat there and shut up, only assisting when I actually asked for help.

But no need to fret about dumb shit that happened in the past. I'm a NEET now and i've been happier than i've ever been.


Awwhh thank you hun, you are soo sweet


Once you get fired from your forth job in a year, you get the idea.


I started off at least trying. But it didn't work. And I learn very well by association. A very clear pattern established early and then was continually reinforced. If I am in my room and no one is there that can fuck with me, all my wants, and later my needs will be met. In any other circumstance, they won't. People = problems.
Combine that with several major betrayals and by the time I was old enough that I could make a decision on these things I had no particular interest in cucking myself by supporting my enemies at the expense of myself.


Actually followed the advice of my elders which led to me realizing how full of shit they are, saw how my peers and much of my family seemed to increasingly become mediocre in pretty much all aspects. The actual experience which drove it was the work itself, go figure

At this point, I only apply for jobs in the holidays for the few days of training and uniform, and immediately bail afterwards.
What do u 4 fun? could use some ideas myself
"Man up" usually is code for being a bitch for whoever is saying that to you, clever manipulation. Better not to take that bait
>I had no particular interest in cucking myself by supporting my enemies at the expense of myself.
This is the crux of my sentiments really, nice take, anon


What fully cemented it for me was that by the math it's the best choice. As in literally work makes you lose money unless you do it under the table, and that in turn gives someone else power and control over you which will always backfire later.
Since the purpose of work is making money?
The only currency with intrinsic value is time, trade it for the others only if necessary.
I differ from the standard mindset of minimal gibs only only because while people equals problems, money, or more precisely things solve problems, so you want a bit more so you can afford things that make you comfy. This is automatic if your parents die (lol at the meme you're fucked without them), but you can obtain passive income via other means, such as crypto.


This game changed my life forever.




I'm autistic and I never did well in school, and never fit in anywhere. I can't seem to keep jobs either due to my autistic incompetence as well as the fact I get burnt out very quickly by socialising and having to mask my autism. I also just hate people a lot, as I love being alone without the constant judgement of others. I am simply not meant for this sociopathic neurotypical society.


Do you not think autism and sociopathy are two sides of the same coin? I'm a sociopath, and I tell people I'm autistic when I meet them so they excuse my atypical behavior. I've noticed this is a common lifehack other sociopaths use.

I credit my sociopathy for being why I can live contently as a NEET when so many others feel guilt, shame, and depression. But I wouldn't say society is necessarily designed for people like me because it's also why I can never hold on to a job or friends.


Sherlock is a high-functioning psychopath who can pass off easily as a sperg.


The hacks certainly can't tell the difference. That said either one will help you soycial distance properly.
And people are more transient than things. Really, think about it. Even the cheapest of Chinesium stuff has a 90 day warranty. How many people do you know that continued providing their intended value and functionality for over 3 months? It's about a rounding error away from zero.
And jobs are just an unnecessary middle man. You need money for your bread and circuses, but that doesn't necessarily require effort on your part.


Dropped out of highschool because being around people all the time was painful, and been a NEET since. In truth, i'm certain I would've ended up this way, no matter what. I have a natural inclination towards a nihilistic emotional texture, so I never really cared enough to do anything other than be a NEET.


De-to-the-pression. F32.2


When I got rejected by the art high school I was trying to enroll into I honestly never recovered. I loved drawing growing up, it was the only thing I was genuinely passionate about. I didn't care about school and had bad grades, I had a hard time fitting in with my peers, I was constantly at the bottom of their social hierarchy and was the target of all the "jokes", home situation wasn't any better either.

Then in first year middle school I learned I could just go to an art school and do art at school and make art my life and career. It was the first time I ever had ambitions for my future. I spent all of middle school building up my art portfolio, I bought art supplies, made comics, etc. Art high school I was trying for required an audition where I'd present my portfolio at the end. I was confident in the work I built up for three years. I got rejected. It was a slippery slope after that. I just kinda gave up, on school, on my life, on drawing. Maybe if I had kept practicing in my first year of HS and tried auditioning again things would be different but that didn't happen.

The rest goes as followed: Go to new high school, anxious because new environment and I don't know anyone, start skipping school and actually enjoying myself just stop going all together. Efforts were made to transfer me to new schools but they were futile, new environment, people I don't know (plus I'm a transfer in the middle of the semester and cliques are established already), don't want to go. I still kept up drawing but now I'm afraid of even showing people my stuff, I'm afraid of negative feedback, no matter how much I draw I'm convinced it's awful and nobody will like it, never re-audition. Started staying in my room more and more, I was always a recluse but not to an extreme extent until after middle school, now I don't even want to go outside, anxious around strangers in general now, walking outside in a crowd just feels like walking through a hallway in school, start going outside less and less.

I actually did end up getting my GED a few years later and I even got a job, for a whole three weeks after I got my first paycheck, it was just like school again, new environment, new people I don't know, cliques, don't want to be here. Been a NEET ever since.


Self-taught artists (and programmers) are always better anyway in my objectively right opinion. Plus, art schools are notoriously cliquey, even moreso than regular public schools. And thanks to the internet, you can learn any skill you want for free anyway. It's just a matter of practice.

Say, do you have any interest in contributing to a little project I started? You will make exactly as much money from it as I will: https://neetpride.wordpress.com


Became a NEET in 2021 because prices became to high to justify working.


one day i said someone PLEASE think of the children and collapsed.
i was diagnosed with heavy form of soy.

been neet since.


Isn't that an egg and chicken situation where it could just be that inherently good artists/programmers don't feel the need for formal education whereas the people who are shit at it feel the need to pay a teacher to learn?


i tryharded the fuck out of high-school, got great grades/etc, but i never applied to college cause i was too scared that i would get rejected. one year later and im a loser living with my parents lol.

successful people like to judge neets, but really it could just as easily happen to anyone. one slip-up in life and it's over.

wow that's really tragic. i personally think the idea of "competition" for opportunities at such a young age is fucking disgusting. i get the sense from your post that you didn't really have a strong parental figure, which i can personally relate to. the unfortunate truth is that the people who did get into that art school probably only did because of parental pressure/lots of lessons from an earlier age.


Self-taught programmer here, totally based what you said. Also having a free OS helps, when I can't get a program to do what I want, I often grab the source code and change it myself. I've done that countless times for numerous programs.


art schools are insignificant, sadly even I went to to it (got expelled on grade 4 there to be honest, due to shitty behavior like eating chips in front on the director cuz i didn't care less, they were all retarded), and when i went to one of the unis, on exams, i kinda subconsciously short-term befriended some female who went to musical and arts shit there. She was only a very little fat and was interested in me. Very fucking sadge if you ask me. But well, ESTP sex is best sex anyway so now i don't mind


today I had dreams about childhood friend and we became gay, without sex tho. And i still have a very pleasant feeling about it. eh.


ur just a child who got npc-programmed in school. It is useful to have guys like you, no need to pay for software, windows etc, you can make it all your own and be useful. tldr ur a useful tool to some fucking rich pig.


> kinda subconsciously short-term befriended some female who went to musical and arts shit there. She was only a very little fat and was interested in me.
not "hey, let me copy your shit interested". In fact, we went to literature exam and I got 0 out of 100, like heeey, sorry guys, i don't know anything. Exams went for 3 days total. We talked a lot. Did some similar exams and some similar score. But the bitch went to arts, and i went linguistic. FUCK. she was very awkward when i met her after initiation and never met again
bad luck
veeeery bad luck


would be nice to use my linguistic in her arts tbh but that was 15 years ago..


dont mind me, some very origin neet stories here.


i see no sense in enslaving myself anymore, without sedating myself to endure it.


each passing day felt more of the same as the last one and as time went on I started to feel more and more disconnected from reality, time skips, falling asleep a lot and not really being aware of what I was doing, you know? One day I just stopped doing stuff, I sat down and didn't leave my room from that day on.
I order food and stuff online now, my parentshave cut down my allowance several times but I just grow my own food in my room or eat less. I haven't acquired any material goods in over a year, instead of toilet paper I use a bidet


Lack of interest. This whole business of living seems absurd. You experience things that have been experienced countless times over and over for their own sake. You get engulfed in puerile artificial endeavors to pass the time, it's the exact same thing, but with a countless number of different names, to make it seem like each story is unique. All of that felt even more true in this current era, where everything seems stuck. Culture, technology, science, history... It all feels quite stuck, as on a loop, and in that brief moment of stillness the awareness that all that's happening right now and has ever happened is just a repetition of what had already happened under another aesthetical categorization. You look at the animal world and it's even more blatant. The same actions over and over ad infinitum. When it comes to us it's not as obvious, as the surface level complexity of human civilization hides it well, but you scratch a bit and you see the bottom.

I've been thinking like this since I was 11, with brief periods where I'd adopt a new mindset, indulge in a new hobby, to feel something different, and you end up trying everything there is to try, never sticking to anything, never loving anything, feeling drained very early, like you've completed the game but you're still exploring the map; there's nothing to do.

So you embrace that and realize that indeed, you are the void experiencing itself.


They put mercury in childhood vaccinations


>each passing day felt more of the same as the last one
This isn't a product of being a NEET, this just happens when you get older. The only counter to it is doing novel things and regularly getting out of your comfort zone, something much easier to do when you're not in work or school and have the energy to actually try novel stuff there is a risk of not liking


Because I was forcibly vaccinated & Big Vaccine companies/corporations still gonna prevaricate about "Fact/Truth: All vaccines are totally safe/effective & we never ever put harmful ingredients in all vaccines."


Consider yourselves fortunate, you never received concussions & never received head/brain damage/injuries, & never need to buy/use insulin, & never need to buy/drink psychiatric medicines. Prevention is better than cure.


All these things can be cured though, unironically. If you only you knew.


>ur just a child who got npc-programmed in school.
School is for smoothbrains who can't use the internet and think critically.

>tldr ur a useful tool to some fucking rich pig.
I haven't shared any of my code with such a gay-ass soyciety, I don't want to contribute to it, nor do I want or see a need to destroy it, it's doing a perfectly good job of destroying itself without my help. I'll just laugh at all the normies faces when they find out how based NEETs and hikkis are.
Free software also gives you the right to not publish your works, you know.

>no need to pay for software, windows etc
I'm all for not paying for windows but my question is why would anyone want to use it in the first place, especially as a NEET, muh games you might say, but most modern proprietary games are crap and all the good stuff can either run natively under GNU or BSD based systems (thanks to the fact their engine code has been liberated) or can be emulated easily due to the vast number of free emulators for consoles and home computers.

Are you a just butthurt Linux user who didn't like seeing his favorite penguin being raped in the ass by Beastie, if so, get a life! I use both GNU/Linux and FreeBSD daily and they are very complimentary and both could be improved, most GNU/Linux distros could use a good ports system and BSD projects could do with more GNU software installed out of the box, permissive/copyleft licensing disputes aside.


I used to get good grades in elementary school and had a lot of friends then I entered middle school and because people looked much older my anxiety led me to be a loner and become depressed making my grades fall.

Seeing people treat me differently after not getting good grades made me realize how selfish people are.
Near the end of middle school, I made a few friends and my mood was improving but my retarded parents thought I wasn't ¨being myself¨ (quiet) and took me to a therapist.

I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, they forced me to take meds and eventually I believed it like an idiot, I missed the last 2 months of school.

They asked me if I wanted to go to a special ED High School and my dumbass thought it was a good idea because I didn't want to deal with people and they told me I could graduate earlier if I tried. I didn't try at all and ended up graduating last year at 23 (they let you go at your own pace for as long as you need to).

There were few students and they were either deaf, blind, missing an arm/leg, socially autistic or simply low iq weirdos from poor families and I didn't have much incentive to make friends. The tests there are hard and I'm sure a lot of them will never graduate.

The main point is that I didn't have a proper ¨finish high school at 18 -> go to college or work¨ experience and feel out of place with other people because I can't relate to them. I'm also unemployable unless I lie about my past, I'm sure no one wants to hire people with a history of mental illness, even if its fake. I don't take meds anymore and Iearned how to deal with my parents.

Not really different from these anons >>10782
>>10781 except I don't feel like a have any other choice because of my past/age.

One last thing, I had my neet honeymoon phase when I was a pseudo-neet because I could go to school whenever I wanted. Before graduating my whole life revolved around finishing HS but now my life revolves around nothing. I had to pick up watching seasonal anime again to have something to look forward to. There is a difference between actually being a NEET and working/studying from home or ¨being a neet at heart¨
Before I could say I was still a student even If my situation was embarassing now I'm supposed to say I'm a straight up neet and people will assume I've been one for years out of lazyness. At least I'm happy I finished high school.