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They can't keep getting away with it No.5556

Where were you when you realized trying to separate races is pointless because the women of the advanced races always are attracted to the men of the lower races?





bullshit larp that you picked up on the internet.


You must be new to the internet to think it's all satire. I second anon's post, 3DPD. I don't wanna see 3D people. I have resigned to a life of 2D.


Resigned? Have you seen 3D women lately? It's not just America btw, it's any country that is developed sufficiently. The same thing happened in Japan and even in rats. Check it out: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-mouse-utopias-1960s-led-grim-predictions-humans-180954423/

In 2022 these are your options:
>born a chad -> don't need a job -> can have a harem
>born an incel -> can't hold a job -> kill yourself
>born anywhere in between -> embrace 2D ->still don't need a job


I don't care
Also I don't see how this relates to the neet lifestyle


>NEETs can’t have sex
This meme needs to die

sdrfwf.jpg (123.77 KiB, 763x644) google saucenao

Look at the pic he uploaded.
It's another asian faggot that can't cope with the fact that he doesn't have a soul or even a normal sized penis


Neither this or the race shit are exclusive issues to neets
Go away


>"im cucking you guys feel bad please"
>"why arent you feeling bad?"


I come here to get away from this BS, but I guess I just can't avoid it. White guys like to complain about spics when Spaniards raped them into existence. White girls fuck dogs and horses. Does that make you want to be a dog or a horse now because you still can't get any? White girls are actually the most loyal by far in a multicultural environment where women are actually tested. They might be loose, but they don't marry their flesh dildo boytoys. If anything, it's the Asian guys who are on suicide watch. Sure they might get more representation in worldly affairs as a whole but chances are individually they make vaginas dry as a desert. Asian girls with white dudes will always been seen as JUSTASGOOD. The economics aren't there for anyone except Africans to grow substantially in population so there's not even any work left for the tiny dicks to do unlike in the past.


Yeah, this shit isn’t comfy, but - white girls are the most loyal to their race, at least that’s the trend on dating sites and marriage statistics.


literally nothing on this board is exclusive to neets. neets, unlike normies, just choose to succumb to their fear of responsibility. That is the only difference


first post best post as always. anime is the platonic ideal of existence, almost; everything is exaggerated, everything is the fullest it can be. why would you pick a woman who isn’t perfect when perfect women exist in anime?
>it’s not real
relationships are based on a false premise of being able to relate to each other, even though no human is ever truly with someone in mind. anime is also based on a false premise, but at least the premise is mentally upholdable, unlike in real relationships, which either fall apart or become void of strong emotion.


What a shit thread.


>it's not real
Correct, you cannot be cucked or divorceraped or #metoo'd or castrated or killed by an anime waifu because she is not real. On the other hand, the orgasms she gives you are every bit as real as the ones a 3DPD gives you. Sounds like a win-win to me!


And what exactly makes you think I'm white? Go back to /pol/ you sewer rat and let me enjoy my anime girls in peace


Holy shit I hate how every single imageboard has to be infested with these race-baiting vermin. I literally don't give a fuck, go back.


go back to /pol/ retard!


I'm guessing that whoever owns this board is probably an asian faggot that can't cope with the fact that he doesn't have a soul.
Remove this faggot thread, and all the other faggot threads, or die nigger.


I’m white, and live in the US - I’ve considered removing unrelated or political threads, but I have a strong libertarian bend when it comes to online content. I think the Internet is more fun when there isn’t heavy moderation. Maybe that’s the wrong view to take.


Admitting you’re libertarian puts you on the same level as libertarian guys with Asian wives, opening you up to attack.


Tbh I’m not political, just think you should be able to say whatever the fuck you want online. I’m not too worried about attacks


As long as it is isn’t illegal, of course, such as CP which I delete when I see it or from help with reported post.


Wow you are really based! You should go to 4chan where all the based people are! Maybe 8chan moe, I heard they are super based, you'll fit right in there with all the based baseds and other epic devout christians.

It's the right view in my opinion, though it does often damage communities in various ways, but moderating usually ends up with a community just becoming a clone of existing social media so it's preferable to just live with annoyances.

What kind of attack?
>stop having some parts of this ideology because most people of this ideology think and behave like xyz and i dont like xyz
isn't an attack, it's just people outing themselves as stupid conformists.


It's an interesting question whether a community is better of with or without moderation. I guess i'd say that neither option is inherently better. Maybe the middle-ground would be light moderation? But then what should even be moderated, right? Should we just remove anything related to politics, or would this be far too broad?

There's alot of threads here that I think are complete garbage like that thread about asian and white girls or whatever. But I don't know if removing them or not would be the right move.


(The thread i mentioned is this thread lol)


Let problems solve each other. Like this 3D shit. Who cares? There's reasons why they are non competitive with such things as the video game industry (which is mostly soy now), drawings, and so forth.




Shower thought: Asians tend to have smaller dicks because they share so much genetic material with Ghengis Khan, a man notorious for overcompensating for his small dick by raping thousands of women


It’s actually been narrowed down to a specific mutation.


For some reason this thread makes me want to coom to pedomom videos