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Have you ever been involuntarily committed? I mean held for more than 3 days.


yes, and it only made things worse.


Yes it ruined my life and made me anti psychiatry.

If I wasn’t an illegal PC I would convert to Scientology. It’s strange to me they make such a big deal of psychiatric abuse etc but they don’t allow them to join their ranks.


I meant to say it’s weird they make such a big deal of victims of psychiatric abuse but they don’t allow these people to join their ranks


L Ron Hubbard only hated psychiatry because the quacks rejected his even more bullshit pseudoscience of dianetics.
I personally think that the Scientology cult is damaging the anti-psychiatry movement.
Anti-psychiatry is based but the cancer of Scientology/Dianetics is cringe as fuck.
I think former shrinks who became disillusioned with psychiatry or who were excommunicated have the best arguments on the myth that is mental illness.


I systematically refuse to call a suicide hotline or tell anyone about my desires to end it all because I'm terrified of being put in a concentration camp again.
I expect to die in silence and it will be a massive shock to the person who has the misfortune of cleaning up the mess that has been rotting and fermenting months after the event happened.


If CCHR damages the antipsychiatry movement just by virtue of it being associated with Scientology then it was never going to go anywhere anyway. But in fact CCHR contributes more to society than literal redditors like you.

Comparing dianetics to psychiatry is absurd on its face because dianetics doesn’t recommend you take mind altering drugs that severely impair judgement, nor does it take away your civil rights because of thought crime. The worst complaint I’ve heard is that Scientology takes advantage of gullible people for money. Maybe, but they can’t take away your gun rights.


My english isn't good
Commited to what?


being locked up in a modern concentration camp euphemistically called a psychiatric ward.


Dianetics uses a third of a polygraph machine to extract all your deepest secrets and then use them against you if you try to stop giving them your money.
Psychiatry creates fake diseases, labels people and lobotomizes people with drugs and tortures them with electroshocks and expects you to pay for it all.
Both are extortion rackets. Either you are a Scientologist shilling the cult or you are severely mentally retarded.


Disgruntled people have less standing.
Just learn when to clench your asshole.


Former shrinks left because they saw how corrupt the industry is. They are essentially the same the SPs who blew the cult and/or Sea Org.
proving the polygraph as pseudoscience doesn't do anything to validate dianetics.
I rest my case.


If the CCHR was independent of Scientology we wouldn't have complete retards like this bitch parroting NPC propaganda, Some people only reject anti-psychiatry because they don't want to be associated with Scientology. They see the evils of Scientology but fail to see the evils that psychiatrists inflict on their victims without their consent on a daily basis.
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.


yes and it only made things better
(suicide attempt looks great for a neetbux application)


you fucking masochist!
All I needed to get spergbux was take my waifu pillow to the interview and make out with her, and ramble on about microprocessor architectures of the 1980's.


They will take away your financial independence and make you go through a gatekeeping lawyer for every large purchase you make.


That and no guns. Look unstable and useless but harmless.


psychiatry and democracy are incompatible.


If you’re declared mentally incompetent, yes

This usually happens if they try to put you on a 5250 and you refuse and they take you to court


>psychiatry demonstrably "creates fake diseases, labels people and lobotomizes people with drugs and tortures them with electroshocks and expects you to pay for it all"
>scientology is the same the based on this claim which i provided no proof for
yeah that's convincing


>Some people only reject anti-psychiatry because they don't want to be associated with Scientology

Anyone that braindead probably wouldn’t have helped the anti psychiatry movement anyway. The reason anti psychiatry isn’t popular is because people have an unshakeable faith in medicine and the medical establishment says that psychiatry is medicine. This is hard to get past regardless of who is driving the bus


Also corrupt governments like psychiatry because it facilitates authority, and silence people who question authority.


Wrong. They are perfectly synergestic.
Your flaw was assuming mob rule was a good thing.


Is there any other major religion that is anti psychiatry? No? Then stop talking shit about Scientology. I’m sick of anti psychiatry atheistcucks criticizing psychiatry and not offering anything other than secularism. Newsflash niggers, most people need religion to not become uber depressed, that’s why it’s so popular.

>inb4 they just THINK they need it

You’re never going to make a difference.


Ok, Boomer. Have fun when your church takes all your life savings away in exchange for imaginary super powers.
Religion is the most pathetic way to be a bluepilled NPC.
If you think atheists are depressed all the time you obviously haven't met many atheists.
There was a time when we let religion dominate our judgements and morality, it was called the dark ages! Are you sure you want to regress to a mentality that tells you to burn at the stake not only people of a different religion, but people of your own religion who disagree on a few of your sacraments.
If it weren't for secularism, the USA would still be part of the British empire, or an independent continuation of it.
Ironically secularism grants me freedom from your Hubbard and dianetics while at the same time saying you can keep your Hubbard and your dianetics. Though I wouldn't even consider Scientology to be a religion, it's a business making a monkey out of the IRS. A thinking person laughs at this.

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If you have been incarcerated against your will for an attempt to end your perpetual suffering by ending your life. You count as a political prisoner.
Many authoritarian governments hiding behind the aura of democracy and I'm also including most so-called 'free" countries would rather silence political dissidents by labeling them as insane. This not only avoids a (show)trial when it is inconvenient but helps solidify the unquestioning faith of the unenlightened masses in the state ideology.
The political prisoner's only hope to be heard is if the regime falls and it's psychiatric inquisition with it, Ironically political prisoners in explicitly authoritarian nations are more likely to live to see amnesty because of a higher chance of a coup d'état in such countries who's repressive politics only fuel insurgents.
So-called democratic "free" countries like those found in the west tend to have a higher satisfaction with their governments among the populace due to the illusion that they have control. Representative democracy is a massive joke, Vote for the people who will vote for the laws that will be enforced upon you weather you like them or not.
A dissenter who wants out in life and adhering to the "My body, My choice" argument is regarded as a madman by the ignorant and irrational pro-life herd and put in a concentration camp masquerading as a hospital.


Stupid bitch got what she deserved!
Shame it wasn't a shrink that was raped.
However these cunts did get what they deserved! Last one for Saint Terry, amen.