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Have you ever been fired from a job? What happened?


I've had a few jobs, that only lasted a few weeks each, that I resigned from each of them.
I got a lot of written and verbal warnings though. It's because they wanted me to manipulate people into opening accounts with the stores that'll hook them, like addict, to buying. But I have a soul, so I never used people.
All those that worked in these stores were non-whites and women - meaning that they were all soulless golems/demons.
White Men have jobs where they're useful and constructive to the world.


what kind of accounts? what kind of stores? this is sounding like a tall tale my guy


Nah, I've quit though. Well more like walked out. Felt pretty good.


That's pretty noble. Not too many people would refuse to scam people. Hell, tricking people into buying things they don't want is pretty much the cornerstone of the modern economy.

No matter what anyone tells you always remember NEETdom is the most moral path through life.


I was rejected from working at a donut shop after the end of trying out for one day.


I worked as a bureaucratic zombie at a municipal administration, turns out quake got the best of me and I was fired for spending my time at work for programming and making maps, I have no regrets since I got NEETbux at the time and saw a raise after I left my parent's home for my hikikomori dungeon. now I can program and play quake FULL TIME, only stopping to eat and sleep.


Yes, i was having daddy issues and using my superior to talk about It. Suicidal tought on Minecraft every fucking day until i can't get up to work. 3 days out got fired. At least i bought my pc and now i'm a shut in.


I used to be friendly, and others couldn't handle it, so they tried to get rid of me because they are all nothing but demons. I hope god makes them suffer(in this life as well).

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Worked at a casino. Got fired cus some power hungry nigger security guard wouldn't leave me the fuck alone while trying to eat lunch. Bone out to the shitter while nigger hounds me about some bullshit I didn't want to hear. They send in other security into shitter to kick down the door. Thier excuse was that they couldn't verify I was a worker there (while I'm in full monkey suit uniform no way they can't tell I'm one of their casino slaves and not some random who wandered into a off limits area) so they kick the door in and force me out. They try and make me dance and humiliate me. They force me to stay till they get some hr nigger to see me off the property. I'm smiling on my way out cracking nasty jokes. I didn't want to work for globohomo zogs anyway. Apply for NEETbux tell them to tongue my anus and I'm chilling. I'll find some other shit tier job after bux run out. Also I don't mind working but I love it when they give you a task and leave you the fuck alone. Most places make fake job titles for micromanaging to justify them being there. I gotta find a trade so I can just do my own thing. Stay frosty frens.


Also fav doujinshi artists are Yamatogawa and Takatsu Keita.
Powerplay/ Tayu-Tayu collection and Don't Write that Down in History.


is your pic from something? I want to watch that movie


Saucerino from the movie pic was from an old Goldie called Falling Down, it's got young Micheal Douglas. Very entertaining film.


"I used to be friendly, and others couldn't handle it" reminds me of a lyric from Put Your Quarter Up on the verse where Slug says "From the Galaga bugs to the amateur thugs
To the punk rock chicks that can't handle my hugs"


I fucking love that film, it's in my collection I use to explain what would happen if I was forced to leave my hikki dungeon.


Fellow man of culture <3


Watched it and holy shit was that a good rec! Really showed the horror of being a wageslave in modern America and with comfy 90s violence that felt nostalgic to boot.


NEET is love NEET is life. Glad you liked it bud.


Mado Scientist Sooo Cooo Sunavabich!!


Being fired was the best thing that ever happened to me.


I loved the violence in that movie. This is what going outside would look like if i lived in the states after years of being a hikikomori.