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Is everyone that works for a living a wagecuck? What if you “work” 2 hours a day and make $400k+ annually like this chick?



No. A "wagecuck" is someone who actively defends work, a nonsensical position, not unlike a cuckold who insists you fuck his wife.

The woman you cite is referred to as a "wageslave" because she is doing something she hates in exchange for money. Posting pics of yourself on social media might not seem like a big deal to you, but to a woman the mere knowledge that millions of incels are fapping to her pics is practically hell on earth. She does a lot of emotional labor to earn her keep. If the regular pace of e-thot public meltdowns is any indication, she sadly suffers just as much as the McWorker.

"Wagecuck" is generally reserved for bitter assholes who try to shit on NEETs. "Wageslave" is a softer term, and many NEETallies are also wageslaves. It sucks to be a wageslave, but I understand that you're making the best out of your bad situation and I hope all wageslaves manage to escape the plantation some day.


She doesn't post on social media for money, she works at Meta (facebook) as shown by the video.

She posts on social media for validation and attention.


Still yes.


So she still has to kowtow to a bunch of incels every day, but in person instead of just online? It must be a literal hell for her. Poor girl. I hope she gets married and becomes a NEET one day.

If she has some sort of incel kink, it is possible that she is a "wagebull". Rather than getting cucked by their job, wagebulls essentially exploit their employer by refusing to work while still getting a paycheck. A lot of nepotism positions are wagebull positions. I'd also consider someone like this to be a wagebull: https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/oddly-enough/dream-job-japanese-man-who-gets-paid-do-nothing-2022-09-06/

PS: notice how even Reuters is admitting that the dream job is being paid to not work