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were you bullied? No.3380

is bullying why you are NEET?


my bully died in car crash last year.
Everyone was talking about how "kind" he was
fucking bullshit cunt was a complete asshole.


I don't think my highschool-bullies are the reason , but my parent who bullied me for years made me definitely enjoy neeting (lucky enough to move out and getting by on neetbux in my country).


Bullying has nothing to do with why I am here.


nah it's Society


No, it's my fault.


For me, it's a combination of factors: uncaring and lazy parents, getting bullied for several years, no friends and no hope of ever finding any, and this nightmare society we're trapped in. Honestly, it would've great to just not have been born. Who needs this shit?


Anon was a fat ginger kid, but wasn't even bullied... I just got more and more pissed off of existence over time. Most people suck and this world is fucked up beyond repair. People called it depression, but it's just a realistic point of view imho. I can't help it, I can't find joy in existence... Sure anon has read all of those philosophers but... You serious Albert Camus?! Screw your absurdism it's still fucked up. The universe is a cold and hostile place full of chaos and there's no meaning but only "poop that awaits us". Maybe I'm just having a bad day... Love you anon. <3


I was actually a bully when I was in middle school, nothing hardcore but I definitely made a good number of people feel quite awful. Current life is probably a punishment for that.


>Current life is probably a punishment for that.
karma is real!


Except many bullies grow up to have much better lives than those they bullied. They even end up apologizing for ruining the other kid’s life.


I hope you die, narccistic asshole




>I was actually a bully when I was in middle school
Have you figured out why you acted like that? Could be the key to free yourself.


<3 I dont hate the people in the world but struggle to find anything redeeming about existence except for art and that only soothes the pain for a while.

at least we can NEET not that the free time is enjoyable.


Yeah, i got bullied. Especially in middle school. My bully basically had the face of a weasel slammed with a shovel and he was younger than me. The little faggot shared the same fucking transport as me too. He probably has a single mother though since he lived in the bad part of town.


Yeah, he was an older dude, he looked like he was 18, I was 14, it wasn't a big deal, it was mildly annoying


>but struggle to find anything redeeming about existence
Testing out the boundaries of your brain is fun. But yeah, it's only temporary bliss too.


i just thought it was fun, I dont think there was any deeper meaning to it. I eventually got bored of it


no, just ignored/isolated like i didn't exist. lightly teased but not to my face a whole lot.


i would hate life too if i was born ginger




Goes to show how bullies are the real retards that haven't developed theory of mind yet


I was the bully, but was also bullied by chuds stronger than me physically.

everyone goes through it


does it count?
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People have always treated me like shit. That is the nature of a golem.
People only treat others nicely if they can gain something from them. If they can't gain anything from you, and they know that you have no power, then they don't mind showing what shit they are.
People used to make fun of me to entertain their friends and to make themselves feel superior.
I have done nothing but treat people properly my entire life. I've smiled and have been kind and tried to help others, but I never get anything in return but their attacks. And most of them look down at me like I'm a filthy lowly peasant and they don't want to get dirty by touching me.
I'm glad to have the knowledge that most people throughout existence are nothing but soulless flesh golems whose only programming is to be a selfish cancer.
I no longer interact with others in a kind way. I would maybe be kind to someone if they didn't treat me so lowly from the get-go.
The only thing I've been asking from God lately is to kill me and take me to Heaven and to erase all these golems and the planet itself.


I got bullied from Elementary school through Middle school desu. Nothing bad happened to them desu. It's not the reason I am a neet but it is the reason I wear a coat whenever near people desu.


Take this, anon. It's a cold world. uwu


No-one will do anything without a reason.
The only reason that many have left, is that they don't want to live in the same house as their intimidating father. But that's taken away now too. And the few that still have fathers, have really faggy, effeminate ones. Rather be incredibly scary than a huge faggot.
The beginning of your life is the most important. Most people throughout history have coasted out of school and into jobs because they had the bare-essentials. Now none of us have any of it. Now everyone stays at home and tries to become a youtube niggerfaggot.


My own family. and they wonder why I never peak to them, dumb fucks!