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share your stories ITT No.394

how did you end up the way you are right now? how and why did you become a neet? share your stories ITT
i once was a pretty normal kid. throughout my whole life i always had a small group of 4-5 friends i'd hang out with. i was always pretty awkward, but i was never bullied or hated. in my country students don't move from class to class like in the US. we are divided into classes of around 30 students and the teachers are the ones that move around. because of this people tend to create strong bonds with people they go to school with since they stay with the same people for 6 hours a day for years on end and friend groups are usually all from the same class. on the third year of high school the classes change. everyone was making new friends except for me. that was a very sad period of my life and i didn't feel like socializing so i isolated myself and i pushed my old friends away. i tried making friends later on, but it was too late. the social groups were already formed and i was doomed to be alone for the next 3 years. because of the isolation my social skills started deteriorating and i became more awkward than usual. people were nice to me, but they would always gossip and make fun of me behind my back. i get why they did it. i was a human trainwreck and i must have been fun to point and laugh at, but it still did hurt. because of all the hate my social skills deteriorated ever further. by the 4th year of high school some roastie sluts even started outright hating me and being cunts to me for no reason. i eventually snapped and dropped out of high school. i've been a friendless neet ever since.