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hikichan 2.0 No.3357

will there ever be another hikichan (imageboard) in our lifetime


I hope not. At least until the lessons of why it failed in the first place have been learned by the new generation.


neet.moe is the only (imageboard) i care about.




I love you too!


I ask because I'd just like another place where hikis can congregate desu. I have trouble remembering what hikichan was even like, its been so long


Not sure if comfy though...


I never liked that board even though the other boards are fine. NEETs should be front and center. I would rather use the subreddit(s).


You realize /r/hikikomori has been normalfag max for a few years now and even before covid? what NEET subs are there on reddit? the NEET sub has far too much moderation.
uboa/hikki/ is good it is very slow and the type of place you check on weekly or monthly.


I already know of uboachan, uboa at best has a dedicated neet/hikki/ board. I mean what I said in the op, an imageboard centered around hikikomori.
I had just recently looked at that sub some of the posts just seem sort of commonplace and is treated like a public diary.
>I like to eat alone


It’s Reddit so not a part of the imageboard sphere. I like to hear from people who are not anons. You don’t read a tabloid expecting a literary magazine. Can your palate not appreciate fast food?


The problem with reddit hikikomori now is that it is not even hikikomori types by far. The majority are just students who like to stay in on saturday instead of clubbing. I like to hear from non anons also and that place used to be much better. I blame anime and the rona

the problem is not that they are "normalfags" in the sense of being "bluepilled non chanfags" but not even fitting the definition of the hikikomori condition slightly.


Sometimes I use the Wayback Machine and reread Hikkichan. Anyway, I don't know, I've never been able to make any friends and there's just not much online for me, anymore. As I see it, the problem is only going to become worse with age, so maybe I should just get off the internet.


>rereading hikkichan archives
I've been reading threads on there time to time too lately


post link to best threads maybe. I just remember the suiicde threads lol