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Nonstop Nut November No.15584

Happy NNN! What are you guys fapping to today? You HAVE been making sure to nut every single day, right?


im about to ask some decent ppl i know about new and personal boy content


if they share i'll fap. i'm bored.


imagine fapping on cartoon drawn by wagies


I always wondered if a gay can get off to imagining himself fapping.

Just fapped to Juna Juna Juice's content. Never seems to get old to me


Not gay but I can get off imagining myself as a girl while fapping.


>imagining yourself as a girl
Hate to break it to ya, but you gay as hell


I love fapping to 3D pigs!


JAVstars are honorary 2D girls. There's even a whole genre of JAVs that are panel for panel recreations of hentai: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2021/03/21/examples-of-erotic-manga-that-have-been-turned-into-av/

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you guys ever fap to your own hand-drawn artisanal hentai? feels like fapping to your own daughter tbh that's why I like it ;)


I've done that before when I had no internet connection, I may not be good at drawing but I really needed to fap.


I'm still not there. Farthest I've done was draw girls I thought were somewhat cute.


It's not merely about the number of dimensions the female has. It depends on how intrinsic a 3D female is to the execution of the 3DCG.

A lot of people fail to realize this, but 2D and 3D are not really discrete categories. It's more like a spectrum. If a female entity is 100% 3D and 0% 2D, that's just your average, real world, roastie. A 100% 2D waifu does not actually exist in our world because all voiced waifus at the end of the day have a 3D woman behind them. The dichotomy really comes down to "how much biological female is a part of this waifus existence?" As we all know, the fundamental appeal of 2D is that they are typically created BY men FOR men. That's why 2D typically have the ideal traits, behavior, and appearance for most men.

The more a 3D is involved in the implementation of the waifu, the more 3D it is on the spectrum. So for instance, if there were a female Vtuber who created her own model from scratch without any male input, that would essentially be a 90% 3D waifu. They still have some of the appeal of a 2D because of that technological buffer.

In the case of a heavily photoshopped 3D thot, the best case scenario is that she'd be something like 90% 3D and 10% 2D if and only if the photoshop editor was a male.


Irrelevant since this is a thread about fapping. I fap to 2D because of the aesthetic not because of the plot. In this case 2D and 3D are discrete. Appearance wise, vtubers are 2D and when you fap to hentai of a vtuber, you're just fapping to the avatar.


Tbh I hate fapping to a real person. At least a voice actor is plying a part. Fapping to a vtuber is giving validation and attention to their lifestyle. No thanks.


Mommy Vtubers so cute tho


i didn't fap yesterday like i promised.


so many underage poseurs
its not "2d" you fap to
its cartoon because you are still a child


based. only fap to celebrities like a true adult