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What do you think of joining the military? Obviously being a NEET is ideal, but if your parents are forcing you to get a job..?


It depends on what country you’re in and what branch. You do not want to be subject to the needs of the military where they can put you wherever so you need to make sure your contract is for a MOS you can live with. Most people like us would probably choose Air Force in the US because it has the best quality of life, but it also promotes slowest. I would probably join the Coast Guard. The military is a massive bureaucracy, and if you’re not in special operations, they don’t treat you like a big boy.


OP here. Yeah I live in the USA. Oh well, I just found out that me taking psych meds precludes me joining the military


Yeah. I guess you can’t get a waiver for that. There’s no guarantee you’d make it through basic anyhow and not be absolutely miserable. A lot of it depends on who your superiors are. That’s why even a lot of good people end up not making a career of it.


Never, if I want people to treat me like shit then I'd try to talk to people on the streets