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How has being a NEET influenced your political views?


political violence is cool.


Apolitical but prefer freedom. lucky enough I do not have to work obviously so I dont care about naything but getting my gibs.


I don’t think it has really, but when you live outside the norm it’s easier to become a radical with whatever inclinations you already had. I’m all too aware both sides would like nothing more than to put NEETs against the wall.


I never gave a fuck and i never will give a fuck about politics.


politics is for wagecucks to feel meaning in their lives


These two are correct. I see politics as a way for people to cope with work and gay shit like that by escaping into their political utopia.




I'll make my own constitution with one of my amendments being everybody deserving NEETbux.


Yeah lol. I'm apolitical because I wouldn't be accepted anywhere and for good reason.


you would be very welcome at ISIS. we always need knew people who want to do something against the satanic western society


Made me communist


holy based


Same here. It's a lot easier to understand how bullshit work and capitalism are when you're fortunate enough not to have to slave away to survive.


it's harder to empathize with ideologies that say a prosperous society is being taken from you when it was never meant for me in the first place.


I’ll probably swallow my pride and vote Democrat purely for selfish reasons, even though I disagree with Democrats on most social issues and on immigration, and in general I just find them to be annoying

Since I am a lazy piece of shit that has been fired from multiple jobs, I would definitely benefit from a strong safety net that has less bullshit strings attached

I’m not saying that Democrats would necessarily deliver on that but it could obviously never happen with Republicans

And Republicans would never back universal neetbux

Am I deluding myself or am I making the right choice for me?


The first amendment in my constitution is a declaration of mandatory anime gfs


Anon votes for the party that provides the most neet bux.


Is anyone else disappointed that the vaccine mandate has been blocked by SCOTUS? I was hoping it would exacerbate the labor shortage and force entry level employers to pay something that more resembles a living wage. I can’t be arsed to work for $11/hour, it’s insulting

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It's given me the time to read niche books, both ideological works and scholarly history books. So I'm aware of many more ideas than I otherwise would have been.

Kek, morons. Communists and capitalists can agree on one thing: "if you don't work, you don't eat." You are not communists.


>capitalists can agree on one thing: "if you don't work, you don't eat."
I just sit in mommy's basement and invest. Communists seethe as they spend their autismbux on vtubers and twitch streamers while I make big bux starting from nothing by allocating capital to promising new companies.
I'm highly in favor of government subsidies to ensure that nobody goes hungry or homeless though, but that already exists in most countries as long as you're a legal citizen.
There are some truths to the stories told in Welcome to the NHK regarding how many neets and hikikomori's end up how they are due to the very comfort they were given, but regardless it is much preferable that someone ends up spending 5-10 years sitting inside doing nothing, getting bored out of their mind losing all joy in hobbies and eventually start going outside seeking part time jobs to feel fun in their hobbies again as there is a thing such as too much time. That is a lot better than people becoming hungry and desperate and robbing others or growing mental illness.
NEETs and ex-NEETs who spent their time self improving at home and not just slaving away at video games are superior specimens using their time for good. It is necessary for some people to grow as humans with introspection, something you don't really get time to do during tedious work.