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feels good man No.514

I haven't gone outside in more than a week now.


I need vitamin D, my internal clock is fucked www


Yeah, just legit take Vitamin D supplements. Take a 2,000 IU supplement every day, ideally with your largest meal of the day. (Which should really be breakfast. "Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a peasant")


Also go for a run outside if you can. Trail running is one of my favorite things in life! If you ever find yourself in Scotland, running through the hills is a life changing experience!


I am somewhere in the post-week range right now too. I actually think I'm closer to three weeks without venturing outside.

The thing is, every time I do end up going out, I think it's going to be really bad but it's not. I just revert back to my usual cold indifference almost immediately. Then I'm reminded why I became NEET in the first place


Close to two months without going outside at all.


Now this is the real deal my brother