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Hello neets! ^__^ No.17362

Come over to this awesome neet forum. Come for a visit, leave a post, talk to other cool neets! Visit:

PS: Don't forget to bookmark! uwu


Thank, anony. I lovr it!


Full of daily child porn, random thread deletions, broken layout, low quality content and absent staff. No thanks.


lolol admin deleted my post


well i'll just repost and save it now.
it was something like that:

>absent staff
Pretending to be absent staff. More like possums and wild goats. This is a closed clique board, where vital information is shared occasionally on thread and post deletions, and when clique decides to funpost and mock users.
Also powering up boards on 1st april isn't new, its done numerous times in the past by incel and wagie admins, none of them were neets.

go again delete this I saved the post and will repost.

FUCK you.


or ban tor :)
no one else posts on this shit of a board anyway


btw do you enjoy manually removing bot spam?
you did that yesterday only a few hours after boards was up lul


Shit, sorry anon. That was a drunken, fat-finger mishap. I replied to you and I only meant to delete my post after realizing how awful it was.


If there is a “clique” it’s entirely an accident. There are no IRC or Discord channels. It’s just me.




fu and f ur lies, whitepilled bastard


Lol anon. There is no grand conspiracy with The world isn’t always out to get you.

I’d like to have maybe a little bit more content moderation, but it’s hard to decide where to draw the line (other than the obvious things like bot spam). I will never intentionally remove posts that attack me.

When I started this site back in 2014 I hoped that I’d be mostly just anime and NEET lifestyle stuff (no 3D;PD) but it didn’t work out like that. Not to say that it can’t one day.

I also didn’t want to build a platform with attention whoring (so no tripfags or staff cap codes). At least that’s still true, the only way you can tell if it’s the same poster is based on how they wrote their posts, or the images they use. But, it’s easy to imitate those kind of posters by using the same images or similar writing style, so I think that’s a win.