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how do you find the motivation to keep your room and stuff clean? i don't understand at all. everything feels so exhausting. i feel like why clean something if it'll only need to be cleaned again? but at the same time i feel so disgusting for living like this and there's fruit flies everywhere and i just throw trash on the floor but i find it hard to care much about anything


op here also i tend to hoard garbage i had a landlord who yelled at me for having garbage bags and they also get torn by raccoons and now i just hoard it


the fruit flies are my main source of motivation for cleaning the kitchen .. I'd rather clean then knowingly eat/drink them. still doesn't fucking help so I may just stop too .. or I will set everything on fire .. probably the fire thing


if your main problem is throwing trash on the floor, have you considered keeping a trash can right next to where you usually sit?


oh and I forgot to mention this, but you don't have to clean up the mess that's already there all at once. just clean up a little more than whatever mess you made and over time the problem will sort itself out


These are good recommendations. Anon is severely depressed, and these things helped. Also: Try to use every walk to the kitchen or bathroom to take something back to where it belongs. And buy moist floor wipes. A lot - they are the most effortless way to clean dirty surfaces of any kind.
Godspeed, anon.


thanks anon. my brain is so fucked i never even thought about getting a garbage can for my room and basic things like that. There's a huge fog


Anon knows the state you're in. Anon is cleaning his bathroom since like a week. (Little by little, but that's okay and still feels good. Couldn't clean it for a good year, so it literally looked like shit.)


whoaa.. my room looks like a hoarders house ! Hoards of garbage


Wish me luck Anon, Operation drainpipe starts today. :3


Operation burbling thunder.


yeah, I know from a combination of first hand experience and extensive reading that the major problem with depression is maintaining inertia once you've started something. taking things as slowly and simply as possible is the best thing to do at times like that.

ganbatte! here's a cute maid to cheer you on!


hai ganbarimasu!


I think fire is a good option!




Mission accomplished!


Mission accomplished!


Oops, thought I cancelled this upload due to the filesize...


Anon has 3 garbage bags in his kitchen. He plans to take those out in the future... Soon.


Make a schedule. Also you don't have to clean everything at once at first, take it easy.


I literally have cleaners that come every week to clean my apartment as I am too lazy to and this is meant to be because depression so it is a free service for me.

Only cleaning I do is moving some shit off the carpet in my bedroom so they can vacuum


I just end up doing it after a month or two once it hits a threshold of filthiness I'm not comfortable with. I'll spend a few hours vacuuming everything and cleaning up crap until the room is in pristine condition, at which point I won't touch it again until its dirty.
Being in a hoarder area feels strangely comfortable, as if all the crap in my surrounds gives character to it. Sterile, bland places give me anxiety.


Take trash to the garbage whenever you get up


Open your shutters and let sunlight invading your room. The view of you're room enlighten with sunlight will disgust you as much that you'll instantly find the motivation to clean this garbage.


only the overlord of the house I live in makes me keep it "clean". My room is filth but there are no piss bottles on the floor and when it gets too bad I will clean it.


I clean my shit (some of it at least) when I prepare to work, and I work mostly in MMORPGs.

some stuff i do myself some my mom