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Has anyone ever had a chill job? No.9966

Maybe it's all propaganda, but I always thought an easily automatable office job circa before the Great Recession could actually be rather comfy. I've only had shameful/strenuous food service jobs though so I'm much happier being a NEET.

Is a life like the one the dudes in Workaholics or The Office or New Game! actually possible or is that all just make-believe?


Accounting is probably what you’re looking for. Can be hard to break into as a new grad if you’re not fortunate enough to be able to go straight into B4 though.


HR roasties definitely enjoy that lifestyle. Just look at this shit. You can’t possibly she does any real work.


I've heard that night guard secutity is pretty chill, idk how much they pay but i bet is low


>New Game!
Game studios are under stress when you look it up in the dictionary.


HR are the most hated department in any workplace, they are hated even by other wagies.


I could say that my previous and only job as an office drone was pretty comfy, But then again I spent most of my work hours programming and playing quake!
mfw they realized that they had literally hired Gomer Goof!