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All dads are tsunderes No.5555

My dad's like this. I'd be like this if I were a dad. Dads in general seem to only have the freedom to be a tsundere or genuinely hate you/not care about you.

Has this been your experience?


I think mine doesn't care that much.
He talks to me maybe once a year. He cares anough to not ignore me, but I get the feeling he only does it because "he's supposed to". I don't know.


I'm just saying, given all the knowledge at hand, it seems more likely that he's a tsundere and you're too autistic to tell.


I am extremely autistic, so maybe I don't know.


This show will haunt me everywhere and that makes my inner contrarian angry.

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My dad was an asshole, I don't speak to him anymore.


they're all golems. Someone that had a heart wouldn't create 100years of suffering and wouldn't completely give in to the sin of lust by actually having sex.
ALL "parents" are dumb niggers.