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Who is not welcome here? No.17841

I think by default everyone, all ages, all races, ought to be welcome here. I even think it's cool for wagecucks to come here to rage as a constant reminder of how many wagies cope with their life being cucked. However, there are several groups of people we should not associate with.

Females: Look, I don't hate females but they're just gonna ruin the brotherly camaraderie and derail every thread.

Femboys: While they're far less likely than actual women to derail threads, I I still think we'd be better off without horny people.

Communists: These are the most antiNEET group of all, and they often try to recruit by pretending they're not.


also im unironically anarchic commie.


also ironically incels are the target audience and admins friends.


did i recruit u bro?
no, but i think leeching from the state like a retard is morally bad.
i did that, and could continue, but i decided not too.
claiming that its not wrong can be counterargued by telling you - just look at fucking niggers and female subsidies.


* or your most close equivalent of a nigger

those fuckers with 10 muslim kids? yep, being paid by your local zog. so fuck them, ans fuck you, for being breastfed by zog like a fucking nigger


last year i got to know a drug addict


i know a drug addicted pair that hold onto a child and debate over it in court just to continue buying booze and drugs and do nothing.


your drugs are videogames, aninigger, and shitting on the internet, and maybe some others


and u havent earned it really.


eventually zog will stop breastfeeding the whites, so it will be over for a whit


white nigger like u, hopefully and potentially soon.


enjoy getting cucked like u say, in ur 40-50s when u become legit retarded to do anything for money


sadly i wont aurvive till ur coming of age on neet.doe but i can chuckle right now instead


wow. thats a lot of nigger.



lmao. imagine advertisement - the oldschool neet.doe opened again! now with school shooter hotline to help you cope.
too bad all kinds of admins ruined this joke by actually implementing hotlines in ads


still funny as fuck


even 2ch admin was a ceo of some hotline, i dont care to look which one, probably suicide one too. ez scam. and he actually owned it, and not just advertised, so bonus points for that.


neet.doe - 2040 >current year place where underage faggots cope together with 60 year old failures! based and wizpilled, we host some of the more popular boards for the unfortunate, coupled with multiple hotlines! what are you waiting motherfucker time to post is now!


and the jew admin is like holding his hands like a goblin or a rat "yes yes goyim"

praise irc incel bro


>Look, I don't hate females
yes you do incel.
yes you do.


Low IQ take. Maybe leeching off the government will make the lives of wagecucks worse, but it's better for the NEET in question. I honestly can't imagine winning more in life than knocking up a dozen bitches and making someone else pay for them. It's basically like mass cucking. Let go of your racism bro and consider the situation clearly.

It sounds like you might be a conservative recruiting for the other side. Don't get it twisted: I hate the commies because they pretend to be pro-NEET when they're really just pro-worker... and the anti-commies who denigrate welfare kings do the same shit. I don't give a shit about political structure because that's all merely a cope for dumb people to pretend they matter. The only way to actually make the world better is technological development.


Wagecucks always throw this meme out: "Not working will suck eventually!Oh boy, you're so gonna regret it in 10-20 years!"

But as per usual this is your typical wagie rage. We can look to our brothers in Japan to get a picture of what our society will be like in a decade or two. Turns out, it's not a big deal. There is economic stagnation, sure, but older NEETs still live pretty comfortably by and large. There is a huge economic incentive to prevent mass homelessness and the collapsing birth rate makes employers desperate for workers anyway.

It's like I always say: either we get a WWIII mad max apocalypse or everything keeps chugging along like it has been. Given that the pandemic happened and most NEETs lives got better, it's childish to waste your prime years about potential future regrets.




Incels are not the target audience


define incel. pretty sure most NEETs are involuntarily celibate


Volcels are good. I dunno anon, i have no problem sleeping with random women at bars if I want to. I have conventionally attractive characteristics which requires zero effort on my part, other than a smile. I generally don’t connect socially with people but booze always helps. I’m a NEET. I kind of just connect with people and fill the role they expect from me.


The vast majority of NEETs are not 6'1" conventionally attractive guys because most guys in general are not chads. It unreasonable to want to bar everyone else from here just because we're incels. I definitely want to get laid without being paying so I'm definitely not a volcel, but it's not a particularly huge concern of mine. I'm honestly far more upset that there seem to be people here who don't want people like me around.


go back to 4chan, mundane


Don’t look too much into it anon. No one hates you. If anything, it’s just a low hanging fruit that’s easy to poke fun at.


Oh, I see. Thanks for telling me! I didn't realize the incel hate was a joke and that we actually are encouraged to post here. Are there any groups you DO think we should prevent from hanging out here (like females, etc)?


You’re still looking too much into it. Just take a break, relax; it’s not that much of a big deal.


I really don't care about being an incel at all and I'm quite relaxed, I just think we should be allowed to post here. Perhaps you misunderstood the purpose of this thread. It is to earnestly discuss the types of people who should and should not be allowed to post here. I wish we didn't have to gatekeep but history has proven time and again communities are destroyed when these online enclaves don't properly curate the userbase.


I’m glad you’re relaxed anon. I don’t know how much people care about who is ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed’ here. I’m not sure if posters consider it to be a big deal.


I think /pol/fags shouldn be allowed to post in most places, or just anyone who gets super mad at the internet really easily, theyre always the people that makes boards awful with low quality bait threads to farm engagement about some thing that no one cares about..