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All I want for Christmas is for a crystal cafe roastie to fuck me


Lol, lmao even


Spoiler alert: they're all just MtF trannies over there


>tfw no 4/10 autistic virgin gf to dress up, cuddle with, and fuck


Ive been reading it trying to understand how it is connected to other relatable pissboards. I didnt learn that however its a fact that none of those are mature women. I have mature woman friends and lovers and I can tell, cc girls are 20-25 at best, probably lower in many cases. Just like on similar male sites. I mean, its all just discord now (more like discard amiright). With some including admins having trouble cliquing with younger audiences.


Now try FDS on for size


not worth it. plenty of easy money out there with no signing of any document, making you a proud neet. freelancing in programming field will eventually get you under someone's boot when the money goes dry due to competition. also I expect reforms in that field. programmers will be employed officially one way or another. it starts with showing your ID. then you will need to obey various rules. why have capitalist rules when you can be your own ruler with your own clients? you can't swear to your employers and customers, you need to lick boots, this is a job dumbass, its not neeting. if I can't do what I want and can't swear I'm fucked. if you aren't you aren't neet and just a wagie in disguise waiting for a real job, or you can't work a real job and its your best bet. fuck you.