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Psych wards No.3697

Anyone been to a psych ward? How was it? What made you go there and would you do it again?

I ask because I'd like to get "involuntarily" committed. I was voluntarily committed once and enjoyed it (oddly) but looking over my paperwork, it seemed obvious they thought I was malingering. If I gave them reason to believe I was actually threatening my own life, that might let me stay a bit longer.


How do you think some NEETs get their bux?




Being allowed to live in mom's basement without an allowance isn't really NEETbux.


Try hanging yourself. If you succeed it's a win, if you fail you go to a psych ward and it a win regardless.


seems like an expensive vacation. I'd recommend throwing yourself out to the woods and see how long it takes before you start talking to yourself


I have been to a psychward after an attempt and it was mostly boring but helped a lot for getting NEETbux so is a must for any NEET aspiring to stay NEET.


I've been to a few different ones to visit my "father".
The first one he was in was inside a hospital on the far side of one of the wings. It was 1 floor below ground floor. It look like a regular hospital section and the beds were all in large rooms where about 20 people stayed in each. They did very basic stuff there, like he got his medicine everyday and he brought back some paintings he made in the wards art class. The second one he was in was a very large one. It was it's own complex with plenty of separate buildings and it's own roads and high fences. They didn't really do anything with the patients there and they were left alone to roam around and watch tv, etc. Both placed always smelled too clean and the staff were rude even to the visitors. Can't remember much else. My father became way too feminine after having stayed there. A man needs to be masculine.


I was involuntarily committed, just made my hikki condition worse, there were times I even got violent and they had to call the police. these backward shrinks should have read tamaki saito and got me a rentaru oanesan instead. they put me on meds that made me suicidal too, if I am ever sent back there I will become a murderer and kill the director with my bare hands. if i had been fully informed by the doctors first i would have refused and sued. psychiatry is pseudoscience if you ask me.


Committing suicidal people to psychiatric wards is barbaric and needs to stop, they should be euthanized with their informed consent.


freudsters five out sperg diagnoses like candy these days, if you live in the right country and go to the right quack you can get an ASD diagnosis which will grant you NEETbux, plus you get more NEETbux if you don't live with your parents.


I feel like I'm the only person that enjoyed my time at the hospital, I enjoyed it more than my staying at home with my bitch ass parents.


Mind numbingly boring for the most part. If you're lucky you'll share a room with a relatively chill patient, if you're unlucky like me you'll get an annoying schizo. The nurses always have an attitude and I'm pretty sure they experimented their meds on me. I suppose I should count my blessings that my unit was calm for the most part aside from the few characters.


>Anyone been to a psych ward? How was it? What made you go there and would you do it again?

Anon worked in a psych ward almost a decade ago until depression took over, then was a patient himself several times and after that anon retired early and lives off of his depression bux, neeting his life away.


My cat has helped me more than any shrink ever could, I feel happier and less suicidal when he cuddles up in my bed next to me.






My stupid cunt of a "mother" divorced my "father". women shouldn't have any rights.
Maybe if they didn't divorce, then I might've had a normal-ish life(or any at all), because no-one wants to stay at home with an intimidating father.
That'd at least have been some motivation to move on, and out, with life.


I've heard rumors psych wards have lots of suicidal qts desperate for male attention. Can any psych ward anons confirm or deny such rumors?


My parents kept hassling me about getting a job so I pointed an airsoft gun in impotent frustration. They thought it was real, ran out of the house, and called a swat team on me. That's how I ended up in the psych ward. It was actually pretty nice in there. The cafeteria food was surprisingly good, the actually crazy people were pretty entertaining, and the only mandatory things were these group arts and crafts sessions. I didn't even mind not having internet access, I just read a lot and tried to exercise in my room. My parents even paid for the bill, which was pretty high so I probably was at a rich person one.


me too, when my parents die I will stamp on their graves!


There were a couple of times that women hit on me, I felt pretty uncomfortable tbh. They were looking for a man not knowing I was a manchild.