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Psych wards No.3697

Anyone been to a psych ward? How was it? What made you go there and would you do it again?

I ask because I'd like to get "involuntarily" committed. I was voluntarily committed once and enjoyed it (oddly) but looking over my paperwork, it seemed obvious they thought I was malingering. If I gave them reason to believe I was actually threatening my own life, that might let me stay a bit longer.


How do you think some NEETs get their bux?




Being allowed to live in mom's basement without an allowance isn't really NEETbux.


Try hanging yourself. If you succeed it's a win, if you fail you go to a psych ward and it a win regardless.


seems like an expensive vacation. I'd recommend throwing yourself out to the woods and see how long it takes before you start talking to yourself


I have been to a psychward after an attempt and it was mostly boring but helped a lot for getting NEETbux so is a must for any NEET aspiring to stay NEET.