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Why do you NEET?


Why not?


cunnnyyyy uohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I'm too weak for the real world
Online insults don't affect me but people being mean to me irl hurts a lot


who is mean to you irl anon?


No one currently
I think maybe I'm imagining things when I go outside, being a small rural town, where people criticize anyone different
When I go to the city for groceries I never think about it at all, people are too busy to notice, I feel calm


Learned helplessness


I tried living in the world, but it's filled with demons that god pitted against me.
He doesn't want me to have a job, because He wants me to own my own mind.
I just hope that I find a way to kill myself soon that won't fail and is not too frightening.
I guess I could have a normal life, if I didn't live in a country flooded by millions of niggers and cunts.
God really needs to kill all the demons(soulless flesh-golem faggots a.k.a non-whites and women).


Yeah, niggers/shitskins existing and society being so gay is a really big problem for me.
I try and tell myself I just gotta get my life together and get out of the West, but I feel so down because of how shit life is that I dont...
If you are anything like me, I would guess a major part of it to is learned helplessness.


Because I would rather die with my freedom than "live" without it.


Because if you work you lose and AIMU WINNA


>Why do you NEET?


Autism basically said "nah mate, you're set for neetdom, my guy"
Not that i mind though, being a wagecuck in this day and age sounds like a nightmare.