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Bump While High No.15857

If you are currently under the influence of any substance, bump this thread. You don't have to tell us what you're on, but you do have to say least post a dank pic.

If you are not currently under the influence of any substance, fix that, then bump this thread.


Anon is always under the influence of prescription drugs. Since 15 years. How's that?


Who /drunk/ here?


>ahahaha dude like drugs lmaooooo im so high xd
no one cares


How can I make pictures like this myself?


Stable diffusion - It's AI generated.


A shame




did you really think a human is smart enough to make art like that?


Think of Dali


You must be quite the newfag. The purpose of bump while high threads isn't to "brag about being high" it's to aggregate people in similar headspaces so convos flow better. To foster communication. Doesn't necessarily have to be about drugs of course. If you're not high, you can still post here if you sage.


Do I have to sage when posting ITT sober?

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yes. also:
FIRST TIME SMOKING METH IN HALF A YEAR BABY! I'm gonna be really sad when I'm too old to do this drug, though I suppose getting older sucks no matter what you're on. Activities:
>blender tutorials
>management sims (only genre that's actually more fun on uppers tbh)
>repairing stuff around the house
>finally getting around to starting the passport acquisition process which I've been meaning to do since before the pandemic


i've discovered that i've actually got invited into some game hard mode alpha-testing (path of exile), and good thing I had some weed saved for this, actually for my friend to come around but this is more important than friends.

making joints atm.

gonna be a long weed hard gaming session. will probably die a few times on hardcore because of it

once weed wears off i'll order some pizza and lots of beer and will blackout to take some rest.


someone please replace me for shittign o n incelsss

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I kinda did DXM. Picked the wrong syrup though, the kind that gives you the shits. What a waste of 10 euros that was. I did get some cool closed eye visuals for about an hour, so that was nice I guess. Pharmacy ran out of the DXM capsules they make themselves, lots of people coughing lately I guess, yeah how did that happen right.

I'm doing this thing now where I do no fap before tripping. I have a theory it will amplify any paranormal shit


>I'm doing this thing now where I do no fap before tripping.
try having SEX


i can only do stupid shit under drugs. it doesn't make other shit i do not stupid but maybe less stupid.

it takes a while for ads to kick in but when they do I always do the same stupid shit - watch shounen anime, go on dates or pay for sex, lose all money i have on my hands by buying drugs for my friends. last time we went to clubs even just to buy some cheap drugs because our dealers and friends who can buy are in jail or dropped out of it.

but if i'm not taking any meds im way too depressed, most of it is prolly coming from reading incel teenagers on the internet on sites i read and or post by inertia

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loool roguelike is coming but i'm still playtesting ruthless with a bunch of charas and even found 1 bug with einhar and CW promised me to fix disconnect timer

weed is gone, its just alcohol for now


He who fights for nothing dies for nothing.


wizards don't have sex, it stunts magical powers, because all your energy goes into vaginas


i had anal sex tonight. ordinary sex as well but mostly anal till i cummed.
you haven't been there where wizard meme originated. Even i weren't. its all ruse you take too seriously. just have sex. pay for it, incel, if you can't have it otherwise. its ok, i do it too sometimes.


>i had anal sex tonight
that's pretty gay dude


Who wants to catch AIDS from some clotty whore?