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how often do you shower?


twice a day recently but I just can't get the moldy cum and rotten sweat smell out I think its permanent my dick just permanently stinks.


Once a day.
Every morning at 5:30 I brush what's left of my teeth and then shower.
I take quite a long time to shower since I wash my entire body and shave too(it's a lot easier to shave in the shower).

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I try to shower daily but it is hard, I do care about my hygiene but I get overwhelmed and don't do it often, I shower after 2 days maximum and I won't go out without showering because I still feel shame. Same thing with cleaning my room.
I tend to be very clean until I lose motivation and start to act out of fear rather than hope.
Just another statistic according to the og hikki book I guess. sigh, I'll do my best


lol this board is all normalfags


To balance out all these monsters who dare to exercise BASIC HYGIENE i am pleased to announce that i shower once a week at most

now someone one up me


About once a week in all honesty.
I don't sweat at all and I never do anything, it's mostly just to keep the hair non-greasy (which doesn't really get greasy fast either).


It depends on the season, in summer I shower at least once a week, autumn and spring only when my body itches and winter not at all.


Every other day unless I work out. It's really not healthy to shower a lot. The obsession with making your armpits smell like flowers is a relatively new phenomenon created by ad corporations in the 1960s. Douching and mouthwash are two other examples. You don't even have to brush your teeth if you cut out all sugary foods (like you evolved to).


every couple of weeks, i dont exert myself or sweat so no need.


at random


Every five days.


at least once a week
i don't really do anything and i rarely sweat


what's a shower?


>doesn't sweat
estrogenized hands




once a month if that, but only when I start to see signs of a skin infection


>2 days no shower
>3 days no shower
>4 days no shower
and goes on until my mom tell me to go get a shower


depends on my mood , normally twice a week


Every few weeks... months... At least four times every year. Fuck it, I don't leave my apartment anyway.

(Sorry for the frog.)


Once a week.


Twice a day, but I barely wash myself in there, I just love the feel of hot water. I'd shower 4 times a day if I wasn't so damn poor.


no water bill here so i take a bath every other day and shower on the non-bath days, i dont think i could stand smelling bad all the time


I don't keep track, but around twice a month I think


seriously? u crazy sister


What's wrong with that? I don't have a lot of pleasures in my life besides binge eating junk food, jerking off, and taking epic hot showers.


I stopped using soap. I still shave, because the growth of my beard is incredibly annoying and in the way, and arm-hair is worse. I try to shower at 6-6:30, so that I know that everyone is already awake.
I hate when they come into my room though. It's annoying to constantly have to take off my headset and pause videos for completely pointless discussions. Wish I was alone and far away from everyone in the world.