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Streamers can be NEETs No.18031

Obviously not the hustlebro and e-girl streamers. And not the streamers who broadcast themselves doing a legitimate craft.

But guys like Asmongold and Destiny do exactly what most NEETs do everyday. They even spend hours getting into flamewars on social media. The only difference is they record themselves doing it for an audience. They're not like traditional entertainers because they don't really give a fuck about whether or not their audiences are entertained. It's not like they plan out and put on a "show". They just get on the computer, watch some videos, do some shitposting, play some games, and chat with people on discord for roughly 6 hours straight. Same as what I do anyway.


Ha ha ha no.


Your parasocial boyfriend is not a NEET, anon. Those people have to churn out "content" full-time like a job. A very gay and stupid "job" that will fall by the wayside soon enough. Streamers are all normalfags because you have to be some kind of normal to put your face online


How the fuck is Asmongold a normalfag?


If i were to stream myself drawing or something id still be more of a NEET than asmonbald. Streamers do their job and it makes them money, even if their job is stupid and easy.




Yes and according to how you and me define NEET, if you live off welfare or your parents, you're not a NEET either. In those cases you're obviously doing way more stuff you hate doing in exchange for money than if you were a streamer. Streamers wake up whenever they want. If you're living with your parents there's at least some days you don't. If you live off welfare, you have to perpetually deal with a bureaucracy. Streamers merely have to connect their bank account to twitch a single time. And all that's assuming there isn't some mandatory education or training while receiving that welfare.

While we're at it, working out, cooking, reading, daytrading, selling off investments to pay rent, engaging in unpaid labor in exchange for free room and board i.e. chores, really doing practically anything disqualifies you from being a NEET. If you aren't pretty much in a coma, you're simply not allowed to call yourself a NEET.


That's a very bad faith response anon, streamers like asmongold and destiny are still producing content and their viewers pay for it by subbing. If I am a neet on neetbux im not being paid for doing anything, im just being paid for existing. Streaming is a job these people clock into daily and that makes them not neets, daytrading also makes you not a neet i think. Chores are kind of work but also you need to take care of your living space sometimes so not really.


There are many, many different types of normalfags. Being able to function in a normalfag world makes one more normalfag than not.


I take it you're not American then? Idk about welfare in other countries, but here applying for welfare is a full-time job. It definitely requires more effort than streaming.


Are you saying asmondgold can't function around normalfags? Because you would be wrong if that's the case.
I only know him through exposure but I know his old fans agree that he used to be more unhinged and degenerate playing WoW before he hit it big with streaming, he has to play the influencer game and he is usually virtue signals larping as a neet, from his old days as one (I'll give him that). When he is making money streaming and spamming shitty reaction videos that get recommended to me on youtube. You have to be a normalfag to become an influencer and not fold under pressure. The worst types of normalfags with an ego become influencers, in fact. Him being a gamer twitch streamer doesn't exempt him from this.
>Yes and according to how you and me define NEET, if you live off welfare or your parents, you're not a NEET either.
I don't even want to elaborate on this post because of this. I'll just say that it says a lot about the type of fake ¨neet¨ who use this website.
>That's a very bad faith response anon.
I agree, the mental gymnastics are pitiful.


just read the comment chain, it's safe to say you weren't saying that but my point still stands to OP.


why can't you just go by the definition of the word instead of trying to logic your way into saying someone with a job is a neet?


Yeah, and someone who works for their parents in exchange for room and board by mowing the law or washing dishes is obviously not a NEET. Same with someone who spends all day every day on the phone trying to figure out the latest reason their welfare stopped coming in. Either they're not NEETs or streamers are NEETs. You can't have it both ways bud.


He, she, or whatever an "Asmongold" is, is confident enough to put their face and voice online. Thats a normalfag trait


In the end it's about an experience, also working for room and board is still working, trying to figure out why your welfare stopped coming isn't.


i don't recieve welfare my parents let me stay in my room all day and not help with anything at all, stop projecting and being disingenuous
well said hitler kat


welfare and my parents*


So basically you guys are saying only streamers who are unmonetized can be NEETs?