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Anybody else had a honey moon period of being a NEET? No.1935

Back when i was 17 i became a NEET.
it was awesome! it became even better when my mum bought me a decent gaming PC.
i would drink energy drinks all night and order BBQ chicken pizza with wings and chocolate thick shake every Saturday night. While playing on the PC, browsing image boards, watching anime and reading manga. Because my mum thought i would be successful just because i finished high school so she would spoil lmao. Man i was thinking too myself this is it! This is life! Then one day my mother told me that i either get a full time job or full time study or your out.....i was like no no no.....so then my mother put me in a course at college for 2 months full time and i got burnt down and had a full blown mental breakdown then i was sent to the psych ward and diagnosed with suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety. After that my mum told me that i can become a NEET until i recover. here i am as a NEET but with mental health issues and no longer enjoy the NEET life due to depression, anhedonia and apathy......like i said "This is the life!"...


Thanks for sharing, anon. I remember when I first became a NEET as well. It was so very nice. Then I ended up getting a job and hosting a NEET themed website (not this one)

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This Anon still loves his NEET-life after 5 years of constant imageboard consumption and vidya. It would be even better with a maid that cleans and cooks, though. :3


Don't get me wrong, I have crippling depression too, but I know that the NEET-life is the best life available to me. Work would kill me. Been there, done that. Survived.


I don't remember much about anything these days. The first year of being NEET is usually wonderful though.


>5 years
I've been living this lifestyle for closer to nine years now. I tried to go to college but was stuck in a situation where I either had to live on the streets or drop out being stuck to go back home. I chose home and haven't done anything with my life since. I couldn't get any type of aid to go back to school after dropping out and my family didn't want to help me get back to school. Sucks because it's their fault I was stuck dropping out. I was promised by them that I would have a place to stay but my family member who lived where the college was ended up moving away after a few months of me going to school. I managed to stay in a dorm room with someone I got to know. However, once he was getting a new roommate I was stuck having to leave. I ended up sleeping in a stairway for a week until I realized I couldn't do that anymore. I got mugged and my stuff stolen at gunpoint before the week was up. I ended up finding someone that evening to let me use their phone and called home crying about it all.


That's brutal, man.


I started neeting after having sweatshop tier schedule in school with me waking up at 6 am and then getting off school at 4 then getting off tuitions at 6 pm then doing tons of homework, it was horrible, I shut myself in my room for a week with a 20 litre water bottle and food and that's probably one of my fondest memories, the start of the neeting period was heavenly I loved it.

It's horrible now, neeting is always mega fun at the start, it's fun if you have hobbies or something and you keep moving forward but it can be hell if you don't anime and manga can only last so long.

I remember reading every isekai in mangakalot as far as I could back when I had nothing to do, I tried reading some of them now they were dog shit, your standards get lower and lower and your mental health gets worse and worse until you crack.


>I've been living this lifestyle for closer to nine years now.
I got retired because of depression and won't ever work again in this life. Not sure if want.


I wish there was a NEET media project that identified all the different works that could possibly appeal to us.


good idea I might consider making that in the future


Yes OP.
I spent a few years in honeymoon period I was watching media all day devouring series and was not using imageboards all day so it was constant screentime I then moved onto gaming and that worked for a few years but eventually you stop being able to enjoy a single thing I am not sure if it was caused by depression or the honeymoon period but I have known NEET who ad gone a decade or more and still enjoy things all day so I think it may be due to depression and also if you have no hobby.


I second this, it would be something I'd definitely look into. The world is a harsh place of us. We need something more out of it that can appeal and fit to our life structures.

If you end up doing so, please share with us.