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Why do Americans stand for this?


It's only the poor Americans. I actually am a landlord and I stand for this because it benefits me. Most NEETs come from wealthy families, so maybe you'd find the answer you're looking for on a different website


Landlording is a job though


Americans are too fat to stand, they can only sit.


Based. Fuck burgermutts.


Eh, call me whatever you want, but at the end of the day, other people are giving me money so I can play video games, do drugs, and fap all day. Being a landlord is based, I highly suggest any other wealthy NEETs go into this line of "work" lol


Fair enough


"Temporarily embarrassed millionaires"


You're absolutely not a landlord. I'm a landlord and it's shit. You have to do shit all the time. Cleaning the complex (if you don't they start thinking they're allowed to be dirty and fuck up the appartments), dealing with countless bills, countless documentation, dealing with retards who fuck up a sink or their toilet, dealing with the mental illness of some people. It's in some ways worse than my actual job because you have to be available 24/7 and believe me retards WILL find something to ask you "I just brought this new washing machine and need someone to help me carry it up the stairs, you can keep it when I'm gone though" etc, etc, etc... The money is alright so I guess that's that.


I manage 3 small houses and I don't rent them out to anyone under 25 or with kids. DINK yuppies are the best tenants. I never have a problem. Occasionally there is weather damage and one time a tree fell on a house, but I just hire someone else to fix it whenever there's a problem. Also I converted the lawns to grassless so there's virtually no upkeep. I have to clean the house a bit whenever people move out, but that usually only takes a day. Gross I make $2800/month, plenty to fund my NEET lifestyle and hire the occasional carpenter, especially given that I don't plan on getting married and conspicuous consumption doesn't impress me. Managing an apartment does sound like hell.


There's plenty of ways to consume inconspicuously


"Conspicuous consumption" means buying extravagant clothes, cars, computers, etc for the primary purpose of showing off. Even if I was a millionaire, I'd still live pretty much the same way, wear threadbare clothes, pirate all my entertainment, etc.. I actually hate driving so I would never want a car. Uber is all I need for my lifestyle.


Yeah you're full of shit


>3 small houses
>only $2800/month
Negro you're shitting me.


If each of the homes are worth ~$200k and the cap rate is around 5%, the math could work out theoretically. He’s still full of shit though


I'm kind of a slumlord for grad students. It's such a good situation. Your envy only makes me enjoy what I have even more.


I don’t envy landleeches.


Really? I hope you're at least a NEET. Imagine working all day then giving your hard earned money to an asshole like me! lmao


Who cares about showing off for other people? The first thing rich people do is buy a horsehair bed.


Oh, I already am as comfy as can be. So there's really nothing more for me to buy!