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Welcome back No.17590

Good to see this chan back online. Curious to know what happened to it and why it's back.


maybe admcel saw my posts, I did some free PR.


>Curious to know what happened to it
well lets guess

1) clique took it down to focus on personal life, its not hard to plug it back anytime. there isn't many small boards rn, and given admins of them usually know each other, maybe its good time to bring it back rn
2) admincel got tired of removing automated cp posts.
3) sudden influx of incels. also bad moderation favoring incels.


What have neets been doing with their lives while this place was down? Where have you been hanging out?


Frig zogff


nice content creating mod, incelmin should pat you on the head for this


The reality is a little bit less interesting. Point 2 is not wrong, though.


so its #1 huh


ur not a prisoner, ur a free man


incel admin deleted my threads with japanese girls.


some underage mentioned that recently there was a neet board that died, then got resurrected with no userbase or something.
i was like wait nigga, its not lol.
and a few days after this one is back up right after after I mentioned it on a few other boards i visited some time ago and decided to come back once to vent randomly.

so was the underage prophetic? he probably meant zzzchan or some shit with a hidden board. those are the most underage incel irc/facebook chat knockoffs of them all and he got all sad :(( because it failed lol


its honestly too bad there's no decent big board like 4chan. I browse its shitty filtered cliquish desuarchive every other day.

but maybe I'm retarded and its really the age thing only and you really just move away after some experience i don't know.

after some time there's little difference where you want to browse or make posts. everything is "cucked" kind of equally.


And back to blocking this website I go.




That's sad. Why don't you stay with us instead, anon?


welcome banjo