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What's the most retarded thing a wagie has ever said to you? No.9839

My father said that I was full of shit because I didn't want to have a wagecuck job making boxes that he found for me when I had a talent in programming, My mother scorned him since he was an owner of a business and could have employed me and taking advantage of my potential.

They both lost in the long run since I cut them out of my life and have been receiving NEETbux ever since, and have been dedicating my skills to projects i am really passionate about.

Anyway /neet/ what's the dumbest thing a wagie has ever told you?


Anything about serving soyciety. Yeah, you mean that thing that I succeeded in spite of, where I'd have been completely content just playing video games and eating spicy chickens, but I couldn't do that because these fucks decided it wasn't "normal" that I avoid a bunch of drug dealing gang members in favor of the above? Fuck soyciety, let it burn!


My parents told me I had a bright future when I was born

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>"But won't you be bored without a job?"


This platitude makes me laugh!
Wagie logic: doing zombie work in an office is more fun and intellectually fulfilling than watching anime and programming/playing video games.
After a year of being a wagie in a municipal administration I went full Gomer Goof and started using my office hours to write software instead of digitizing old building permits. I was eventually fired a year after Gomer Goofing, best thing that ever happened to me!


I don't think I'd even mind a cushy office gig. At least one of the wagecucks who regurgitated that platitude to me unironically thought I'd be happier and less bored as a Walmart cashier.

The most tragic part is that he told me that because he is one of those people who does actually need a job to be content; incapable of choosing how to spend his time on earth. It absolutely mystified me to learn that the majority of the population is happier when someone else is telling them what to do.


he was a virgin whiteknight
i don't remember what he said but its retarded


Wow I can't understand how anyone would not only be happy being a walmart wagie but need to be a wallmart wagie to be happy. Just shows how the real world mirrors video games, NPCs that spew the same dialog that you want to skip but can't because the developers are assholes. A tiny amount of player characters who often endure boring side quests for these stock NPCs.


NPCs are the most realistic part of any video game tbh


So true.


OP here, more wagie bullshit from my mother.
My mother got tricked into sending me to a tard school for allegedly "high functioning aspergies" though the majority of the autismos there were mostly a bizzare mess of chromosomes despite not having the downies. My mother was sold onto this tard school because she thought that it would give me a job as an office drone at the end. Little did she know that later on she would be on her own in finding a job for me after I "graduated" from tard academy. Apparently this was the fate for the majority of the tards enrolled in this cash grab with false advertising. Most became NEETs financed by our government's very generous spergbux programme. The only people who did end up as zombified office wagies were the richfags who's parents corporations employed them out of pity more than anything else.
The worst thing about tardwarts school of office drones and wagecucoldry was that we were not allowed to criticize it! Inside or outside! When i complained to my mother for dumping me there she would moan:
>Shut up, anon, this school is going to get you a job.
mfw she stopped praising it as much after I left.
Fun fact: When I tried to enroll in a school that would grant me a real state-recognized certificate of secondary education. This school was set up for failed normies and other outcasts who were otherwise denied the right to a decent secondary education and thus were offered a second chance. The head teacher of tard academy who, no-joke is a fucking Marine LePen lookalike, called the very jewish head of head of the school for failed normies and told her about alleged "behavioral" issues I had at tardland mostly disrupting the very boring tard classes to add a bit of dynamic to the repetitively dreary routine and ranting about how the catholic church endorsed the Nazis in the religious indoctrination class (this was a catholic school, ironically founded by a protestant). When my mother found out about this dickwad move by the leader of the National Tard Front she became just as vehement in her complaints about tard academy's bullshit as I did!
Some may say she's hypocritical, but I just say better late than never!


>Most became NEETs financed by our government's very generous spergbux programme.
>The only people who did end up as zombified office wagies were the richfags who's parents corporations employed them out of pity more than anything else.
Glad it was a happy ending for so many!


My sister was an anti-vaxxer. As in "i'll get vaxxed but my kids won't be" which is all fine and good as long as you don't go full retard about it. Which she did by trying to convince my parents she was right.
A few weeks later, she and her kids got COVID.


Good I hope they die!
We Hikikomori and NEETs are the superior race