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do the virgins that are still coming here from wizchan, know that herbnona of lolcow farm is torn, the admin of wizchan?


Its because of his obsession with chat rooms from just 1 post I instantly knew that he is the current admin of wizchan.

Poor tornie is looking for a sweetheart from chans chatrooms lul


imagine being friends with these incels (looking at u


my current bet is that admin of this site looks up to ppl like torn. just because of how infested this site was when it reopened.

was it your post btw in wizchan's /b/ that you own an imageboard and that banning everybody leads to a retard den?


that means u knew all dat shit and also just fucking with your own retarded incels users here just like guys on wizchan.


trying to follow the logic:
1) you can't post 3d on (my 3d pics were deleted upon new grand opening) to fanservice incels
2) you can be friends with incels who run cabal-type board of wizchan and fucking with virgins there, while also being non virgin fags and simps from lolcow farm


fuck you, piece of shit. enjoy ur dead board full of drooling retards and clique kiwifarmers.


Anon, I don't know any other admins from other small imageboards.

>was it your post btw in wizchan's /b/ that you own an imageboard and that banning everybody leads to a retard den?

This wasn't me. I think that's a commonly held belief though. If there's ever a post somewhere else that mentions I didn't post it.

I liked watching the paranoid/schizo posts run their course because I found them entertaining even if they had no basis in reality.

There's no clique, no IRC, no Discord.
It's just me

If your post was deleted, it was probably posted after the most recent backup. Feel free to post it again.


Someone 1337 enough just [redacted] that 'wizard' site and put it out of its misery holy fuck


is the andrew fag no longer the wizchan admin?


I got banned from wizchan for accidentally wondering what it would be like to kiss a girl. I have not spent a lifetime of bullying and torment from normies just to get bullied by the wizchan admins. Fuck 'em and their retarded site.




shut the fuck up you one track mind faggot.
you only cry about cliques cause you wanted to be in one and got rejected.
kill yourself.