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Being NEET in 2021 No.1462

How do you feel like the /NEET/ life will go during 2021? Any world predictions such as UBI progression or easier paths to acquire NEETbux in those who live in various countries where it's available? Maybe NEETbux added in countries where it wasn't previously? Let's discuss.


deja vu thread
more of the same i think, dunno if i'll get a job this year, probably not


Here in Germany we already have some kind of UBI. Since december 2019 its forbidden for the government to cut more of 30% of your unemployment money when you refuse to take a job. So you can completly refuse to work and still get money from the government without even LARPing as disabled. They even pay for your rent.
Since the virus started you can apply for NEETbux completly online. You only have to show up once to show your ID at the welfare office.
I think that millions of people sitting in sweatpants at home at their computer will be the new normal society. I think a lot of countries are now forced to adapt UBI. Maybe they will completly scrap the normal money system and introduce social credit points and AI-surveillance like in china. I dont really like like the way our society is going but our society is so fucking disgusting and corrupt that it seems unavoidable.


Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I honestly don't even want to bother. I wouldn't mind taking the time to find some way to take classes or get educated in something specific. Regardless if it's done officially or just through self-learning. It would probably have to be done on my own though due to not having any funds. I've been putting off on learning code and becoming fluent in another language for quite some time now. I've given up on the idea of having a normal career or job path at my age now. I'm way too old to ever truly "make it". So, I might as well just do something I actually care about or am interested in instead. I also would like to start reading a lot more. It used to be something I couldn't go without but for years now I've went without even picking up a book at all or bothering to finish something digitally either.

Sounds like a comfy situation. I've had thoughts on attempting to try to get on NEETbux but I'd have to go through a long dragged out process of trying to prove that I'm "disabled" through a lot of mental issues that I have. Which may or may not actually be granted for me. Plus now with covid I'm weird about telehealth, so I'm nervous about attempting it due to having to see a therapist, etc. I wouldn't mind doing this shit in person, but I'm weird about my data and sensitive matters being datamined through programs like Zoom and others. Let alone having plenty of scanned images of my face for possible biometric use, etc. I'm a bit of a privacy schizo these days, not going to lie. But still at the same time I share stuff on boards like these. I feel as with automation and so many closures of jobs with the workforce stranded without anything to do. UBI has to become something. Hopefully there won't be any issues with the wave of NEETdom and the way they choose to spend their time. Such as regulation on playing vidya, using the internet, watching anime, etc. Honestly, lockdowns and shit doesn't bother me in the least. I never leave home as it is except on very rare occasions, it's been that way since around the mid 2010s. I feel like social credit points will be used along with heavy surveillance which is already implemented with cell phone use, social media, backdoors in software/hardware, and through just so many other means that is truly unfathomable. I hate society and have found it extremely disgusting for a very long time now with it destined to only get far far worse. Hopefully at least things will get a little better for us NEETs.