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Funerals No.3132

My cousin died today. i didn't know him too well last time i saw him he was 7-9 he got some crazy fatal disease where he lost all physical capabilities.
Don't know how to go forward. I know I have to attend the funeral since i don't want all my family to disown me, but I have no money for a suit. have you ever had to deal with this before? Have you ever skiped a funeral?


>Have you ever skiped a funeral?
ive only been to two, one for my granddad when i was young and the other for my friend when he killed himself. Tell your family that you don't have a suit and ask to borrow one, if they dont help you find one then they don't have their priorities straight

im sorry about your cousin, are you doing ok?


yeah, well enough.
i haven't seen him for years but im still sad. the kid deserved so much more.


I once skipped my grandpa's funeral. Because the last person who died before my grandpa was my brother and I broke down at my brother's funeral. If i did go to my grandpa's funeral, i think i would have broke down even harder.


Had a funeral myself but did not attend as I was hikikomori and have not spoken to any of the family aside from my parents since.

I cried feeling it should have been me as I am a loser and he had a life.


Sorry for your family's loss, anon! ;_;
>but I have no money for a suit.
Costume rental, not even joking.


>has this ever happened to you?
yes, i just put on a mournful face to get my goodboi points.


How are you doing, OP? Any news?


nobody invited me, i think they they had a small service bc of covid.
maybe im coping... either way i didn't have to leave the house