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How do people care about anything other than money? No.7364

I mean average people: people who own nothing and barely eek by. I just can't imagine giving a fuck about Ukraine or Myanmar when I'm priced out of a home and the economy is crumbling. Why does anyone even pay lip service to these pointless causes on the other side of the planet when they don't have a 7 figure net worth?


In fact, most of them are actually concerned with getting laid, and pretending to care about CURRENT THING is merely in service of that.


They weren't going to own anything anyways.


They care because they were led to believe that's what made economy crumble


You're humanizing non humans.
Daily reminder NPCs are not human and do not have souls.
If you see an NPC, you're not dealing with a rational actor. It's literally a catch 22 - if they could think, they wouldn't be NPCs.
So what happens is they mindlessly follow their programming script and it leads them straight off a cliff. Meanwhile, their betters (real humans) freely puppet them about.
Some are just based shitposters doing it for the lulz because it's funny as fuck making these "humans" [Citation needed.] perform impromptu Kabuki theater on command.
Others have more malicious intent behind it, but I harbor no sympathy for non sapients with a death wish.
Subversive "moralities" such as Christianity and its six gorillion forks, and its later superior replacement the soyboys are also a considerable factor. It is, in fact completely normal if you only care about yourself and relevant things in your immediate area. This might include friends and family and the like, if you are one of the few that has those in something other than name.
It doesn't include randoms on the other side of the fucking world.
And of course there are various false flags involved. NPCs will always do as they are programmed, humans will realize Ukraine has something like 1-2% of the grain so no, that's not the fucking reason.
Also, one more thing. Most of the virtue signallers are in Commiefornia, so they do have seven figures but it's worth less than your NEETbux.


We are humans


Those here have a high chance of being humans, sure.
If this is some there are no NPCs, we are all humans soy based argument, then epic fucking KEK.