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When did you last have sex? No.1662





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2 days ago


about 4 years ago

Yes, i will admit it, i am a sex haver. No I am not proud of it, and no it is not all it is cracked up to be. on one hand i wish i was still a virgin but on the other i feel im more grounded now and dont idolize it the way most every one does




Same, I've had sex before, but it was multiple times with someone I didn't love and it was so disappointing that I just pretend it didn't even happen. I tell all my neet friends that I'm a virgin tho, both to avoid drama, and also because I genuinely believe that I haven't had The Real Sex™


dilla day


September 2018.
I can still smell her perfume in my mind, I still can't stop myself from thinking about her when i fap.
I've since devolved into such a failure that I'll probably never have sex again and I'll have to live with the constant craving


I had sex over ten years ago. I believe I've reverted into virginity, as being a middle-aged man, it's next to impossible for me to find a woman that is even remotely interested in me.

My sextimes are over forever.


It generally accepted about not having sex after so many years does in fact revert one back to virginity? I'm kind of interested in a discussion based around that.


>It generally...
I meant to start that post with "Is".


No. You can't regain lost innocence.


I reverted into virginity by now.


Even after 10 years?


I mean *technically* you can not regain virginity, but you can mentally revert to that. So much has changed in the last ten years, approaching a woman now and ten years ago, is vastly different. Not only that, but I also got older. And women that are interested got older, too… I can't acts as if I'm a 20-something. I can't even go to the same places 20-somethings mingle. Not even online. Literally no idea where to look, what to say, etc. And tbh. I don't *really* have interested in it anymore.


Are you me? This is practically describing my current situation online and IRL. I'm just a lost concept it seems.


Yeah you'd like to think that wouldn't you.


a year ago


I am the same but I do not lie I just try to avoid telling others I am a non virgin I have never made love.
Isn't it weird how some of us non vrgins regret having sex and wish we were virgin the tables are turned online.
I am embaressed of being a non virgin I wish I never did anything it does not even feel good bros


Just how I feel. No idea how to talk to a girl or even have sex with one after over ten years of not having talked to one.