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When did you last have sex? No.1662





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2 days ago


about 4 years ago

Yes, i will admit it, i am a sex haver. No I am not proud of it, and no it is not all it is cracked up to be. on one hand i wish i was still a virgin but on the other i feel im more grounded now and dont idolize it the way most every one does




Same, I've had sex before, but it was multiple times with someone I didn't love and it was so disappointing that I just pretend it didn't even happen. I tell all my neet friends that I'm a virgin tho, both to avoid drama, and also because I genuinely believe that I haven't had The Real Sex™


dilla day


September 2018.
I can still smell her perfume in my mind, I still can't stop myself from thinking about her when i fap.
I've since devolved into such a failure that I'll probably never have sex again and I'll have to live with the constant craving


I had sex over ten years ago. I believe I've reverted into virginity, as being a middle-aged man, it's next to impossible for me to find a woman that is even remotely interested in me.

My sextimes are over forever.


It generally accepted about not having sex after so many years does in fact revert one back to virginity? I'm kind of interested in a discussion based around that.


>It generally...
I meant to start that post with "Is".


No. You can't regain lost innocence.


I reverted into virginity by now.


Even after 10 years?


I mean *technically* you can not regain virginity, but you can mentally revert to that. So much has changed in the last ten years, approaching a woman now and ten years ago, is vastly different. Not only that, but I also got older. And women that are interested got older, too… I can't acts as if I'm a 20-something. I can't even go to the same places 20-somethings mingle. Not even online. Literally no idea where to look, what to say, etc. And tbh. I don't *really* have interested in it anymore.


Are you me? This is practically describing my current situation online and IRL. I'm just a lost concept it seems.


Yeah you'd like to think that wouldn't you.


a year ago


I am the same but I do not lie I just try to avoid telling others I am a non virgin I have never made love.
Isn't it weird how some of us non vrgins regret having sex and wish we were virgin the tables are turned online.
I am embaressed of being a non virgin I wish I never did anything it does not even feel good bros


Just how I feel. No idea how to talk to a girl or even have sex with one after over ten years of not having talked to one.


Once drunk at a bar on halloween night 3-4 years ago. I still think about her sometimes when I fap. God she was hot but the sex we had was incredibly awkward. I couldnt even finish due to death grip. It ended with
>hey can you get out of my room im gonna throw up
>go out of room and think "wait shouldnt she be the one to go outside and vomit"
>come back into her room, shes past out
>whip the condom across the room and just sort of lay down next to her, passing out


early march 2020 i think, hadn't seen gf in person after that, broke up around June 2020


i get that. i have had sex, but only with escorts. im not a virgin but i still feel like one as ive never done it without paying. ive also never done it without a condom. last time was about 2 years. i would go more but as a neet it costs too much.


Nearly everyday .. but I’m just the lucky one that’s fucking the admin


Good to hear someone’s getting some action.




I'm 25 and never had sex. Anybody like me here?


I'm 27 and never had either anon. Don't let it get you down. There are lots of other things we can be proud of in life.


sex is overrated


Never. 29 and KV


why do I love cute chick so much more than hot chicks? also why do I love petite bodies over voluptuous? am I gay?


its not gay to have good taste anon



DFC > the rest




delicious flat chest

if you were gay you'd like men.


7 years ago


Except I have nothing to be proud of.


why do you ned to be proud of anything that is a trap.


Never but sometimes I want to, rarely
I guess it must be a biological need but even if I could have it (with help of the internet) I'm too afraid, I know I would be in danger somehow


>tfw no trap


I haven't had secs in my entire life



Eventually plan to sometime in the next six months or so.


God doesn't want me to.
I think He wants me to learn a lesson about free-will and that having sex is the opposite of that.
I think I'm on Earth to grow from a seed into a tree, and to do that I have to fight temptations by making choices with my free-will and that comes from truly understanding why certain things are wrong.


sex is gross omigod why would i do that >.<


you sound like a child.. go back to club penguin




yeah lol where even am i?


It's perfectly normal to not have sex. Please do not bully me. I don't even want sex hahahaahahahahahaa. 2D > 3D. Three dimensional pigs can fuck off.

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4 years ago. Fapping is better anyway:
>Can't get STDs
>Can't get anyone pregnant
>Can't get #metood
>Can't get cucked
>Can't catch feels
>Can't stick your dick in crazy
>Don't have to spend money on condoms/lube/etc
>Don't have to worry about anyone accidentally shitting or pissing or vomiting in your bedroom
>Don't have to worry about physically pleasing someone else or humoring their kinks
>Don't have to worry about playing cuddletherapist if the girl has a panic attack from throatfucking
>Don't have to remember to verbally communicate how you're feeling
>No worries if you can't get hard or last long or cum
>Can freely explore your sexuality and preferences without any judgement
>Can receive visual/audio stimuli of a smorgasbord of impossibly hot hentai honeys, which generally leads to more intense orgasms than you'd get with an average 3D chick

So after you jump through all the hoops, deal with all the bullshit, and endure all the humiliation required to have sex in the first place, you don't even get any of the aforementioned fapping benefits. I seriously don't know why anyone would prefer fucking to fapping in the age of ubiquitous free porn and heated fleshlights. There is a lot more to life than female validation.


This. If you’re going to fuck, best case scenario is picking up a random bar thot and then never talking to them again.


>>Can't catch feels
>>Can freely explore your sexuality and preferences without any judgement


Honestly the one that triggered me the most out of that list was
>No worries if you can't get hard or last long or cum
I think most virgins don't understand how common and emotionally devastating any of those outcomes are, especially if it's with a woman you actually like. A woman being disgusted at your sexual incompetency is as bad as having a small dick. Women are rarely understanding and have no problems finding a stranger to fuck instead of you.

Oh, and how could I forget the number 1 reason to disregard women: /r/Femaledatingstrategy

Reddit is gay, I know, but you gotta check out that one subreddit if you haven't heard of it. All your worst fears about women are confirmed, straight from the whores's mouth.


If you need a reminder for why sex isnt worth the trouble: https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/u55uo7/the_high_emphasis_for_sex_in_relationships_turned/


the person who posted this is extremely based


>as bad as having a small dick
If only you knew how bad it really is.


You all had sex with your mothers vaginas.
When you were born, your WHOLE body slid against all of her vagina. You're all messed up.




Is this why the most popular type of porn is mom porn?


More like "when did you first have sex?" hahaha••


last weekend
hooked up with a milf from the bar, was walking to her place but then our animal desires took over and we fucked outdoors in the grass


sometime this year


le kohl face


are you a neet tho


sex is a sin. it means that you have caved in to the temptation/evil of fleshly lust. it means that you have no control over yourself.
We(that have souls) are here to grow from the seed-souls that god created into full souls(and then we must remain until god sees it fit to ascend us to heaven). we are here to learn and exercise the lessons of resisting the temptations that leads us towards the (golem)beast.


Kys christcuck


ye im into feet


imagine being a monkey that sucks his own penis. that is what someone that lets their flesh control them is like.