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Do i count as a NEET? i dont associate myself with one, and i have online classes but i dont do them. I dont really talk to people or go outside either




NEET - Not in Education, Employment, or Training. You must meet this requirement for at least 6 months to be a neet.
You do not meet those criteria, and are probably a zoomer, so you are not a neet. Please leave.


No. I wont leave. This place is comfy


it's ok, you'll be a neet soon when they kick you out for not entering the online class


this. you can be a neet a heart <3


Believe it or not there are people out there who don't really mind supporting NEETs


No, you can't.


>gatekeeping NEETdom
more like GAYtekeeping amirite


You either are a neet or you're not.
The N stands for Not.


I disagree. Yeah, we all know the what NEET technically stands for. However, being a NEET is more a state of mind or a lifestyle choice. I watch free lectures on the internet to learn about neural nets and AI because it's interesting. I do some of the coursework voluntarily just to help myself understand the material. Am I in education? I sell my plasma twice a week for about $500/month. Am I employed? One of my college buddies started a free hacking dojo where he trains anyone who wants how to black hat hack and I've been going to that. Am I in training?

I certainly feel like a NEET. I get high and play video games most of the time. But being a NEET doesn't mean you can't better yourself. You just have to do it on your own terms.

Ask yourself why you don't want other people to call themselves NEET. How does it negatively impact you in any way? NEETs are based. NEETdom is the apex of human existence. Naturally everyone will want to call themself a NEET. I say, let them. The more people who call themselves NEETs, the better. Our number grows everyday.




It's not weird that you feel like a neet because you are one.
Selling blood is not employment, self studying for fun is nerd entertainment, not formal education.
You going to your buddy's course is not formal training for work. Being unemployed and outside the education system and just learning things for fun is very different and brings different mentalities and lifestyles than people with rigid formalities they are required to adhere to that affect their behavior.

I don't want NEET to become a word without meaning just like everything else in life. Things start to blur, people stop caring, suddenly it's okay to be part-time employed and call yourself a part-time neet and then we get total normals doing a normal thing (part time employment) and going to neet communities. It's just wrong...
It's gotten far too common in lots of communities and it's just weird.

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I guess the point of contention here is that I don't hate normalfags because I'm genuinely not envious of them. Obviously they agree with me ideologically if they want to call themselves NEETs. They obviously have somethings in common. They are usually into anime, games, and drugs too, simply because most humans are in this day and age.

Think about it this way: the best way to cope with slavery is tricking yourself into thinking you're not a slave. How privileged and selfish are you as a free NEET to not let these poor enslaved normalfags have this small freedom?

I also don't get why it has to be a binary and not a spectrum. Haven't you been paying attention? Spectrums do a far better job at describing human behavior than binary systems.

>part-time NEET
If we can say part-time worker, why can't we say part-time NEET? Do you think Obama is only half-black and not half-white too? Your worldview is incoherent.


mental gymnastics the posts


Your lack of elaboration speaks volumes.

Thanks for the W!


i'm not the anon you were talking to and why would i elaborate against your retarded logic? you only care about arguing and not discussing. there's no way to change your rationalized pov.
i feel bad for the anon that replied to you in good faith only for you to sperg with a condescending passive-agressive post like that.

as for myself, i rather just call you a retard and let you think you won. enjoy the ¨w¨, king. bye


Here's my reply to your entire post; my regrets for responding to you.


I see a lot of whining, but not much refutation. I wonder why that is 🤔

Particularly I'd like to anyone refute this point:
>Spectrums describe human behavior far better than binaries
Can't do it, huh...


Act smug all you want.
Nobody is going to waste their time when you unironically think "part-time neet" makes sense.
It doesn't help that you started making things up in the first paragraph either.


>part time neet
>"after 11months of slaving my soul away for Mr.Goldstein I finally have my 2 weeks paid leave I'm such a NEET lmaoooo"
unironically stop coping, NEET is a lifestyle, if you do not meet the criteria no matter how much you feel like one you aren't. End of discussion


But that's not usually what people mean when they say part-time NEET. They're talking about those positions given through nepotism where you can just screw around all day and be paid for it. Security guards are the same deal. I'd also say that most night shifts in general are part-time NEET positions. Online classes like OP described are another perfect example.

OP can be part of the NEET community and call himself a part-time NEET so long as he makes that distinction clear and anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves