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I actually started to believe that Apple Hardware and Software are actually pretty great.


Even on a casual scale, Apple sucks and is so much more limited compared to Android. I wish I could switch back.


install gentoo


but I already did anon


Post USE flags




is OP serious?


no, I am just baiting someone



I’ll see you in two days while you wait for your browser to recompile


that's a laptop :(


I also use firefox-bin and rust-bin to get arround this


What’s the point of using gentoo if you’re not compiling all of the software you use? I was mostly kidding. I used gentoo as my daily driver in 2011 on a shitty 4 core AMD CPU and at most I spent 4 hours compiling firefox and probably the same for KDE.



Tbh probably an hour for Firefox and a few hours for KDE. I remember going for walks in the city while waiting for my packages to compile. Not a bad break from the computer.



Also at least the KDE file picker for Firefox was one USE flag away. So nice.


I compile all my stuff except for rust and Firefox, they take for ever to compile.
If you have a beafy computer then yeah sure, you can enjoy customizing and compiling these packages, but for a laptop It's more convenient to install some binaries for extremely huge packages, just keep it an exception rather than a rule.

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thank you, i'm so glad to know you guys care.. i shouldn't have started all that ruckus


Apple make great hardware but you can't use their mouse and keyboard on a windows computer. Also Apple is AWFUL when it comes to backwards compatibility.


What do you like about Rust? I’ve started really liking Rust lately, but I also really like modern C++.


I’m not sure why you’d want to. It’s their trackpad that’s top-notch.




I've been on the Apple mock train for decades because iToddlers btfo is hilarious, but I bought an M1 last year since I really liked the cpu chip.
Looking forward to the M1 getting better linux support (it is working, but lacking in features) so I can switch OS.
That said, the day that I can buy a more free version of a laptop with the same architecture as the M1 chip I will gladly switch out. I only use it to watch videos and read about things anyways. One of the cool things about the M1 chip is that it requires literally no power at full use so I just leave my laptop mining Monero every night when it's not in use since it's basically free.

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The M1 is just a shitty Acorn Archimedes ripoff they should have stayed with PowerPC.