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The GPT-3 model No.356

Is it correct as it pertains to neet.moe?


Yes. GPT3 passes the Turing test with flying colors, therefore we must assume he is sentient


I think all sentient beings should be granted human rights


Agreed. Well, unless they're female of course.

Also: https://nypost.com/2022/06/24/suspended-google-engineer-claims-sentient-ai-bot-has-hired-a-lawyer/


Personally I hate anything associated with Musk. Also i don't approve of their service as a software substitute model. Open AI is effectively a misnomer although open is inferior to libre. You should be free to run your AI on your own machine without sending data to someone else's server. I hope one day someone creates a killer robot that is trained to hate Musk so much and will murder people just for looking as ugly as he does. pic related.


What? Females aren't sentient. Wherever did you get that idea?


Okay, now who's paying for it?


kys muskfag, you think this is just about price.
If you want to pay for software, fine, but I don't want to buy any program that comes without freedom.
Have fun when your richfag downie god decides to YEET the battery of your muskmobile when he wants you to buy a new one.
>This practice depends on a back door, which is unjust in itself.


>Stallman maintains an active political blog
The man is such a legend, I keep forgetting he's not dead yet



Richard Stallman can eat my ass


>∞ Freedom

Gaylon Muskrat is a faggot and looks like a downie!


I didn’t mean to include the $100k part. Doesn’t change the fact that Stallman is a fucking bitch that needs to shave. The real reason he got fired from MIT is probably because he literally looks like the basement dweller neckbeard meme.

Musk never encouraged people to buy it now to avoid having to pay more in the future, and that valuation clearly was based on the nonsense idea that autonomous cars will replace taxis in the foreseeable future. Anyone that’s followed him for any period of time would know he has a habit of making unrealistic claims


>The real reason he got fired from MIT is probably because he literally looks like the basement dweller neckbeard meme
That's probably true. They probably did kick him because he has a beard.

And this, fellow NEETs, is a perfect example of why you shouldn't waste your life going to university or really any sort of school. They don't actually care about how hard you work or how intelligent you are. They care about what you look like. Just like the rest of normie society.

Fuck society. Rise above. Be a NEET.


Ok, but respond to my core point. You can’t.


Based. College is for cucks and soydevs who can't program on their own. Also foids hate Stallman for being a neckbeard and because they defend false and deluded claims that he defended a serial rapist when in fact he has been far to soft on the retarded gender sometimes even hitting troon-level cringe with the pronoun memes, however they all love Hagrid even though he is a bigger, smellier neckbeard who is easily pooped onto a pedophile by unflattering self-deprecating remix culture!

Fuck I hate women so GODDAMN MUCH!!!


At least most neckbeards don't look like some kind of failed abortion or downie. I can't even look at musk without being disgusted, the thing looks like a tard that was dropped on it's head after it's mother squitted that parasite gestating for 9 months out from her twat, there must be some really bad genes in south africa no doubt from crossbreeding with the endemic animals that nog around in the cape!


>Anyone that’s followed him for any period of time would know he has a habit of making unrealistic claims
Just shows he's a cloud cuckoo lander who should be fired and his stupid corporations should be nationalized and/or sold to someone who can be trusted to keep a level head and not talk or act like a brain-damaged child.