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Admin(?) is working on a new imageboard software: https://github.com/nitomoe/nitomoe


All of the work so far is on the dev branch:



>fell for the rust meme


Tbh Rust is probably the greatest language for webdev, even more so if you have experience with other high level systems languages like C++. The Rust community is shit though, but you don’t need to interact with them.


bro, you literally just worked.


ah I get it now, jeez what a dumbo I am
its all been ironic weebshit! yay!


I guess that depends on the definition of working. If you do something without receiving compensation/money, is that working?


your compensation, for now at least, is the chat of other techies ur in, i.e socialization. it can have its benefits. have fun seeking it with other future wagie jews like u


>being a neet is never doing anything
No it isn't you depressed loser.
You will either kill yourself or start doing things for fun. Developing for yourself by yourself is fun. No boss, no expectations. Just you and the keyboard.


Rust is gay!


Based! shithub is gay!
A TrueNEET self hosts like a chad!


shut up,


Face it: you'd be nothing and nowhere without techie jews


Redpill me on Rust senpai. Isn't it just a high level language for WASM? So why does pretty much no one use it? Isn't it like way faster than js?


I do not want to skew your opinion.
This is just false.


Great it's gonna be full of bugs and get compromised like kiwifarms and leak all our ips.


What are the advantages of hosting your own imageboard compared to using someone else's?


You can't be banned or have your posts deleted if you have your own imageboard.
Downside: it will be dead as fuck and only have 5 users tops, just like all the other ones.


What's your end game?


for proper imageboard creation, you need an actual burst of users to go there to be the userbase. see 4chan (influx from SA due to hentai ban), 8chan (influx from 4chan due to gamergate ban), chen2 (influx from twitter due to some twittertards wishes), etc. some exceptions include cc, to which loser women go to, wiz, which incels for a long time go to, etc. fundamentally, you need to cultivate the userbase before the imageboard, as paradoxic as that seems. find some anons who wish to jump ship, find some fags who want to post on imageboard, you have an active imageboard,


Can't handle being a rustfag and a shithubcuck, can you, wagecuck?

Everyone knows rust and shithub are for soydevs and wagies respectively!

Get back in your cagie, wagie!


>yeah i know you don't work at a job
>and you aren't in school or higher education
>and also you aren't training for any job
>but you're still a neet
>why? because you use a specific programming language and code hosting site
you are fucking retarded,


I'm literally waiting for a time so I can make mine in C#, its from microsoft but yet amazing. Will probably inspire myself a lot with the thread UI, yet, with its own soul.