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Passion projects No.491

Been doing any tinkering lately? Got any interesting ideas? This thread doesn't necessarily have to be about technology.

I've been coding a social media app where users have to select a class when they join like in an RPG. e.g. only one class can have other users follow their profile, only one class can view the likes of other users, only one class can arbitrate reports, etc.


A little gamedev


I bought a Raspberry Pi 5. Not really planning on doing much with it. I just had too many empty computer cases taunting me. I collect them.


Man, I used to do gamedev but realizing there are so many incredible indie games that no one's ever heard of started to depress me. Also I really hate generating graphical assets.


lol imagine choosing the janny class


There will basically be 3 types of jannies:
1) protectors/silencers/filterer: censor or wordfilter a 30 character phrase, not entirely decided what to call this type or how they'll work, might even allow censoring entire posts, one thing I do know is they'll only be able to take that action a few times per day
2) arbitrators: have exclusive access to the reported post queue, if the minimum threshold of delete approval votes is reached the post is deleted
3) traditional janitors: not really part of the overarching class system, obviously necessary to have some real mods in case someone starts posting CP and no one reports it

I'm seeking feedback for all these class ideas. Are they balanced? Do any of them seem useless? Also not sure whether to limit these special actions to a few times a day or basically have accrued points function as a currency (with a daily "UBI" of free currency to play around with of course). In the latter case, other users upvoting your actions would also accrue you points.

Painter: change colors/fonts/borders of individual posts
Tagger: add hashtag identifiers to posts, groups, and users
Stalker: allows you to view the likes and stats of other users
Tastemaker: add posts to recommended feed
Founder: create and manage groups
Leader: other users can follow you, also can superblock
Summoner: invite users, direct message users, can be direct messaged
Arbitrator: explained above
Silencer: explained above
Explorer: gain exclusive access to recently added feed, controversial feed, experimental feed
Algomancer: modify a collectively designed algorithm that everyone has access to
Pollster: create poll posts
Editor: suggest edits to other people's posts