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incels are coming.. soon all 3d to be wiped out with women and children alike. normies will fear the eternal summer.


front page looks ready for a wider audience.


those mafakas will go on board and see themselves represented gnome saying?


minus the keyed thread


because its been keyed?


now its ruined

anyway, back to my irc knockoff.


you can't just unkey things once theyve been keyed


scientifically incorrect


low iq
high iq


Does typing something in the key field on neet.moe mean that it’s been ‘keyed?’

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Currently the only feature of the ‘key’ field is to not bump (by typing ‘sage’ in the field) when replying to threads. In the future, this field may allow you to generate a random pseudo-identity on a per-thread basis (e.g. the same key will generate a different name in other threads) where some form of identity may be necessary in certain threads. It's important to ensure identities are locked on a per-thread basis as to prevent posters from forming an identity around their generated name.


tldr he had plans for his buttbuddies to more openly laugh at you while deleting your posts.


imagine being dunked by wizchan types like that


for now you can detect the retards by anime they post


they will become harder to detect as board gets more people. Those types of incel come from time to time to post on their board while slamdunking some "normiess" posts.

but basically if you see someone talking shit right after some posts got deleted its always them.


I'll throw in one more example.

You trolled, but made some mistake or two. Slamdunking post appears reeking of techie. With hidden gem anime pic, its always anime, techie loves anime. But the pic won't be just a girl, that's for plebs (his mods, and underage audience of faggots), it will have some agenda to it, be more obscure.

That's again, always some kind of mod, either of this board, or some other board or a clique. That's how incel types like that virtue signal being in position of power.


>But the pic won't be just a girl
correction: sometimes it could be just a girl signaling his retards he's one of them, but we all know why techie love something.


its to make it their bitch. Normal techie go straight to competition - mainstream coding, infrastructure work streaming, competitive videogames etc. They suck and are assholes, but they don't know why they are assholes - normals are hardwired differently.

Loser soyjaks and incels prefer obscure shit like useless piece of code, imageboards, trackers, anime, shit vidya, shit forums, etc. Where there's little competition aka abandonware or straight stealing from the poor or uncaring. Why I hate them - unlike normies, soyjaks and incels usually have self-awareness. So they intentionally do harm to the retards. For them its all to make someone their bitch. To help with socializing, and occasionally make money off that, too. While working on some shit project IRL.


but again its kind of like "its me, or them".

if you don't dunk the retards who you dunk? no one around them is retarded enough to give a shit about what they are doing.


wagie ragie dunks his women (or men)
he can fight irl, he can form non-incel/soyjak relationshits.

loser techies are fucked. so they milk retards online


the more shit you are, the more retards you con

that's what keyed means.


incels will either change tactics now, or it won't matter (board will be dead again soon)


also no need in changing tactics with me not being around