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it's boring being a NEET when you have 0 hobby or when the only hobbies you have are boring. at least hikikomori spend their days playing games all day. I don't play games anymore, I don't read anymore… I wish I was working but I know I don't like working (already tried) so I'm here ,browsing wizchan and watching videos on youtube and not knowing what to do with my life


Wiz is down


Try finding a physical hobby OP

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First, we don't use the W word here!.
Construct someting, buy an arduino board and start playing with leds at first, then you can build a miniplotter, just use your imagination, read the bible or go to church (Catholic or Orthodox only)


>just use your imagination
Okay nofapper


Yeah, say NO to uncle onanism!


I want an outdoor hobby, other than just walking around. But it has to be (1) something I can do by myself since I have no friends and (2) somethings that isn't going to be too strenuous on my obese body, so it can't be parkour or anything. I was thinking of maybe playing tennis against a wall or such.


Joining a tabletop rpg group would be nice, and going hiking and camping and learning about survival stuff would be nice too, but neither are an option for me because of how incredibly dangerous my country is.
I just pretty much listen to yt videos and browse whatever sites are still active. I've completely quit videogames, so my only timesink is gone.